Vega Engineering Corporation

Providing Cost Effective Equipments for Quality Tube/ Pipe.


Company Introduction

Being a metal welded tube and pipe forming equipment manufacturer, VEGA Engineering Corporation specializes in turn-key project services and welded tube related accessorial equipments. Established in 1998, VEGA Engineering Corporation has never stopped researching and absorbing the most update technology in this welded tube industry. With such in which VEGA is willing to grow with customer in partnership of the tube/ pipe supply chain, and with the belief of assisting our friends to create the largest profit margin at the least expenditure, “GREEN POINT”, our brand, comes into being.

Main Products

1. Carbon Steel/ Copper Welded Tube Turn-key Project Equipment (HF Welded)
2. Stainless Steel Welded Tube Tun-key Project Equipment (Plasma-TIG or Laser Welded)
3. In-line Bright Annealing Tube Heat Treatment Equipment/ Titanium Tube Forming Mill
4. Plasma TIG Welding Equipment
5. In-line / Off-line MF Dull Annealing Tube Heat Treatment Equipment
6. Eddy Current Test equipment