Chain We Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Company Information

Company Introduction :

Chain We Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, and its factory was located at Taiping City of Taichung County in Taiwan. We have started utilizing the automatic conveying facilities as our goal since the company was founded. Our subcontract industries include from foodstuff, chemistry, paper making, automobile, hardware and electronics.., and so on.

We always provide our clients the best solution with automatic conveying equipment by means of professional and responsible attitude to meet the clients’ various requirements and continuously get their approval. In 1997, our old factory was not enough to be utilized and we decided to build a new factory in order to welcome much more business demands; then, we have moved into the new factory in 1998, which has been operating until now.

In 2002, we had founded Kun Shan Chain-We Machinery Co., Ltd. at Kun Shan City of Jiang Su Province in China. Our company has accumulated many years’ experiences and technologies to offer the best services and qualities to the clients in China. We have owned the sound technology with regard to the factory automatic conveying equipment, and also, we always sincerely provide you with the good services from planning & discussion, designing, producing, installing and a completion of trial run. Therefore, we welcome your inquires in any time. Thank you.

Main Products :

we provide material handling equipment- (1) light ( heavy) duty ( inclined) belt conveyors with cooling fan, belt conveyor and bilateral workbench, edge belt conveyor, curve types belt conveyor, lift with two belt conveyor, three rows of belt conveyor, triple strands chain conveyor, touch panel conveyor, ouble strands chain conveyor and middle roller bases, pallet chain conveyors, double plus ( storage) chain conveyor, hydraulic lifting platforms, lateral chain conveyor, chain conveyor and middle roller bases, forward chain conveyor, mini gravity roller conveyor and ball transfer tables, roller conveyor with electronic control box, roller conveyor with silicone rings, roller conveyor and double multi-row ( multi row) roller conveyor, retractable roller conveyor, sealed type double row roller conveyor, production lines, roller conveyor and rotation mechanism, free power roller conveyor, roller conveyor with transfer mechanism, roller conveyor with 4 rows belt transfer, roller conveyor with adjustable pressure alignment, picking out roller conveyor and dual transfer conveyor modules, roller conveyor with rfid reading mechanism, roller conveyor with mobile module, pallet collection machines, rgv roller conveyor, scrap metal slat conveyor, steel belt chip conveyor, top chain mat conveyor. (2) conveyor systems, warehousing lifters, lifter with chain conveyor, demolition stack machines, styrofoam box demolition diego system, glass scratch machines ( equipment, machinery), steel with pain, cleanroom ( cassete) conveying systems, glass buffer machine, upe roller conveyor, solar panels delivery system, robot stacking system, glass substrate conveyor, beverage and drinks whole plant system, material box conveyor equipment, overhead ( flip) conveyor system, 90 degrees turn conveyor, packaging and unpackaging whole plant equipment, feeding machine, preheat oven, push conveyor shuttle, logistics equipment, double layer belt conveyor equipment, surrounding transportation equipment, stackers, pressure testing ( test) machine, scraper machine tables. (3) ball transfer table, worktables, manual trolley, turntable, rail guided vehicles, mobile trolley, helical gears, lifting deviation table.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Exporter, ODM, OEM
Year Established : 1989
Company Capital : N/A
Annual Revenue : N/A
President : Mr. ZHEN DONG YANG
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Trade Term : FOB ( Port: Taichung )
Shipment : Sea, Air
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Non-negotiable

Chain We Machinery Co., Ltd.

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