Puricom Water Industrial Corp.

OEM/ODM RO Water System for Residential and Commercial Manufacturer

No.5-28, Chengfeng Ln., Taiming Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City 41468, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Puricom Water Industrial Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1989. The world headquarter is located in Wuri, Taichung, Taiwan. Established company over 20 years, our products are successfully sold in over 70 countries. The unique Puricom’s products combine esthetics and techniques.

We lead the European healthy drinking concept in the purifiers. “Drinking water is health and aesthetics of living” is the core value of our products design.
From Puricom operating water business, the insist of quality, innovative R&D and unique design sets up our trust and like in every customer. We also obtain many design patents and world certifications.

Puricom is the well-known manufacturer in water industry, and also the widely known exquisite water purifier brand in Europe.

"People-oriented "and "The pursuit of excellence" are important indicators of the spirit of Puricom's corporate culture. A people-oriented business philosophy based on good faith, caring, and the pursuit of excellence is the fertile ground for innovation, quality, and service.

In the face of today's polluted global environment, water purification is more than just a business. For Puricom, it is an endeavor to maintain good health for all.
Whether in Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, India, Japan, Americas, China or Taiwan, Puricom's worldwide team members cherish the opportunity to promote the continuous enhancement of product quality and competitiveness.
The Puricom brand name has always stood for healthy drinking water for every individual and family worldwide.

Main Products

manufacturer of compact ( traditional, counter top) ro systems ( reverse osmosis), direct flow ro system, zero installation purifiers, water purifier, smart water systems, office ( residential, public) water dispensers, water softeners, ro components, filters, housing, connect fittings, quick connect fittings, housing brackets, storage tanks, faucets, ro installation accessories, sensor, tester & control box, u.v. lamps, booster pump, commercial & industrial ro system parts, brackish water system, reverse osmosis water treatment, reverse osmosis units, reverse osmosis drinking water system ( equipment), best ro water purifier for home.