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T-Nut Parts / Accessories


  • Model No: T-Nut
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Product Name: T-Nut.

Specification :

ModelT1T2T3T4T5T6T7T8T9T10T11Matching Chuck3 Jaw Weight
TN1-04261415101469.5M85--3H-204, 3H-205, 3P-04, 3P-05, 2P-04, 2P-05, 3L-205, 2L-205, 3M-05, 2M-05, SP-304, 2H-204, 2H-2050.06
TN1-06361718.51220811M106--1L-06, 3N-06, SP-306, 4H-206, 3H-206, 3L-206, 2L-206, 3P-06, 2P-06, 3M-06, 2M-06, AP-52, RAP-306, 2H-2060.15
TN1-0846.52020.5142510.512M1210--1L-08, 3N-08, SP-308, 4H-208, 3H-208, 3L-208, 2L-208, 3P-08, 2P-08, 3M-08, 2M-08, 4T-08, AP-66, RAP-308, 2H-2080.27
TN1-10512221.516301113M1211--1L-10,3N-10,SP-310, 3H-210, 2H-10, 4H-10, 3L-210, 2L-210, 3P-10, 2P-10, 3M-10, 2M-10, 4T-10, AP-86, RAP-3100.36
TN1-2125629.523.521301212M1610--3H-12, 3H-212, 3L-212, 3V-12,4H-12, 4T-15, AP-1150.63
TN2-2125629.523.521301212M14101843H-12, 3H-212, 3L-212, 3V-12, 4H-12, 4T-15, AP-1150.63
TN1-1580353925.5431720M2014--3H-18, 3H-18B, 2H-15, 4H-15, 4H-18, 3P-215, 3P-218, 2P-15, 3L-15, 2L-15, 3M-215, 3M-218, 3V-15, 3V-181.53
TN2-1580353925.5431720M20142263H-18, 3H-18B, 2H-15, 4H-15, 4H-18, 3P-215, 3P-218, 2P-15, 3L-15, 2L-15, 3M-215, 3M-218, 3V-15, 3V-181.50
TN3-214637.5452526-26M20---3M-221, 3M-224, 3P-221, 3P-224, 3V-21, 3V-24, 3V-321.84
TN3-2214536382528-22M20---3H-221, 3H-224, 3H-2320.69
TN4-2214536382528-22M2019--3H-221, 3H-224, 3H-2320.63
TN4-18532353025.5--19M20---AP-145, AP-185, AP-230, AP-2750.15
TN4-32036423930--24M24---AP-320, AP-3750.24

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