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High Speed Thru-Hole Power Chuck
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  • Product Description:
    WEDGE-HOOK type 4-Jaw Thru-Hole Power Chuck:
    1. WEDGE-HOOK type 4-jaw with the large through-hole.
    2. Matching surfaces of all parts hardened, ground and lubricated directly.
    3. High rigidity and high repeatability precision.
    4. J is the hole dia...
Finger Type Special Purpose Power Chucks
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  • Product Description:
    Finger Power Chuck:
    1.Gripping at the end face and preventing deformation of workpiece.
    2.Suitable for thin wall workpiece processing.
    3.The gripping compensating mechanism can grasp the irregular surface workpieces well.
    4.Air-tight pressure det...
Stationary Draw Collet Chuck
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Build-in cylinder, ideal for drilling machines, milling machines and machining centers.
    Work with Autogrip’s rubber collet(RG series), quick change and saving runtime.
    Two modes for the media supply: side-supply mode or baseplate-supply mode.
Switch Valves Parts / Accessories
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  • Product Description:
    Product Name: Switch valve.
Rubber Grip Collet Chucks
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    *Rubber grip collet for push type or draw type collet chucks.
    *Full griping area: high rigidity, more gripping force. Gripping smoothly: prevent to damage the workpiece.
    *More accurate than standard spring collets. Accuracy: With customized rubber ...
Draw Collet Chucks
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  • Product Description:
    Draw Collet Chucks:
    1.DRAW type collet used mainly on turning, CNC, special purpose machines , ect.
    2.High clamping accuracy, high speed and high rigidity.
    3.The installation is the same as “Thru-hole power chuck” and they are replaceable with eac...
3-Jaw Pneumatic Rotary Chuck
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1.Rotary chuck with built-in apneumatic cylinder, compact design, suitable for light machining. compatible to standard soft jaw/hard jaw.
    2.Can be installed on a rotary table for indexing machining.
    3.Sealed against dust and cutting chips.
T-Nut Parts / Accessories
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  • Product Description:
    Product Name: T-Nut.