Rong-Feng Precise Casting Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Professional Aluminum Sand Cast Foundry


Company Introduction

More than 50 years of professional technology in cast aluminum. Established in 1966, Rong Feng Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in production and development of cast aluminum, foundry casting, sand casting, gravity casting, and various moulds. Its general aluminum and aluminum alloy castings are widely used in various industries.

『Sand Casting Foundry』
Rong Feng Precise Casting has over 50 years of experience in foundry casting. OEM is our main business. Our products cover various high-quality aluminums used in mechanical assemblies, automobile and locomotive parts, air pressure and hydraulic parts, pneumatic tool parts, valves, pumps, motor shells, cylinder bodies, ship parts, building materials, building hardware, etc. Aluminum materials include A356, AC4C, A380, AC7A, etc. We can produce large-size aluminum castings not more than 2,000kg, and 5 (L) m × 5(W) m.

『Aluminum alloy gravity casting department』
In addition to providing customers with traditional sand casting service, our gravity casting department can supply high-quality aluminum alloy castings to meet customer demands for aluminum alloy casting.

『Excellent performance First choice of aluminum casting OEM factory』
Over the past more than 50 years, our business team has worked hard in casting technology and market development. Our business has extended to all countries in Japan and Western countries. Casting quality is trusted and supported by international customers. We are the OEM factory for customers seeking for high efficiency and low cost of development.

Main Products

we provide industrial aluminum sand castings products, die castings, aluminum casting molds, aluminum foundry, aluminum alloy gravity castings, large castings, high pressure metal casts, precision cast parts, precise casting, outdoor equipment, car parts, cylinder housing, machine bases, architectural grille, car cylinder, electric cars pedal, gearbox cover, machines parts, lighting fixtures, custom made cast aluminium products.