Footland INC.

Manufacturer of functional socks & sports socks.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Footland Inc. was founded in 2009, with more than ten years of experience in socks training technology team, rigorous attitude to the production of compression performance socks, and constantly reform and innovation, research and development of new products, from production to ship all processes are completed in Taiwan.

Footland Inc. is certified by WRAP International Social Responsibility, and the products are in line with the global packaging production principles.

Footland Inc. not only have traditional circular knitting machine, but also imported the latest lonati machine from Italy which can make random terry on any part of sock. The Lonati machine which can make seamless toe, it will prevent irritation to your toe and deliver superior comfort, it can be ergonomically designed sock.

We offer a complete range of OEM/ODM service, we own a design and development team can timely correspond to customers’ demand. Also, we have Production department and Export department can communicate directly. Not only we will update the product information constantly to customer, but also can offer the quote quickly.

Footland Inc. aims at being a functional socks expert. Footland Inc. has been specializing in socks manufacturing several years. “Keep improving, keep innovating” is our motto. We use the eco-friendly material to produce high quality functional socks, not only for providing the best outdoor experience to our customer, but also for having the natural life.

For providing the high quality socks, our company follows the guidelines as below:
1. Regular staff training and education to strengthen controlling the product quality.
2. Constantly develop new technology and apply to all kinds of socks.
3. Improve the machine efficiency to achieve the production capacity
4. Focus on rement of clients to customize the product

Main Products

we provide functional socks ( stockings, hosiery) and mens ( man, gentleman, woman, womens, youth, boys, girls, adults) sports dress socks, waterproof breathable socks, mountaineering socks, seamless toe socks, ankle sleeves, calf sets compression performance socks, cycling socks, marathon socks, ball ( baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, softball, hiking) socks, seamless jogging socks, socks without seams, casual socks, invisible socks, woolen compression socks, compression hoses, crew socks, low cut socks, support socks, colorful socks, trainer socks, long thick ( thin) athletic socks, team socks, warm socks, walking socks, custom made socks products.