MIT Mattress Manufactory - Offering Compatible, High Quality and Comfortable Mattresses


Company Introduction

Optimized Production Control
TENLLiS’ production team has 40 years of OEM/ODM experiences. We have been constantly upgrading our electronic equipment for each step of the production process, from string making to fabrics sewing. We adopted the same equipment used by the top three manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. in order to further optimize our production operation. Automation assisted by craftsman-like technicians, combined with production operation system controlled by cloud service, our team can effectively manage the production schedule and control every link of the production flow, generating efficient production capacity of 20,000 mattress per month while maintaining high production quality of higher than 90% first-time pass yield.

Main Products

MIT Furniture Factory-
1. Mattresses
2. Pillows
3. Bedding
4. Bed Frames
5. Sofas