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Company Introduction

Juwei Machinery CO.,LTD. focus on designing and producing oil mist collector & air cleaner which is capable of thoroughly reducing oil mist, also offer a unique purification function and consumes less electricity while with maximum oil mist suction performance. With the rise of environmental awareness and importance of employment diseases, the air cleaner technology in the past cannot solve issues today, so Juwei is absorbed in developing oil mist collector & air cleaner to provide a better environment for not only employment but the whole world.

As the growing of the machining, many hazardous substances are released such as exhaust, dust and noise. Now, many machining enterprises are trying to achieve ‘’ Clean Production’’. To complete this goal, Juwei invites many experts to join our plan to improve the producing technology so that we can provide a higher quality oil mist cleaner to clients. Juwei will always concentrate on developing environmental devices and responsible for environmental issues.

Quality Control
Juwei has obtain SGS, ISO9001 and CE certificate since 2012. Our quality system can support our oil mist collector & air cleaner to meet customer’s requirement and provide optimum value. The oil mist collector & air cleaner which produced by Juwei has some unique advantages, making is become the only choice in the machining industry.

1. It’s easy to install , maintain and using.
2. It can clean up much exhaust and mist in the air efficiently.
3. The service life is very long and it cost low electricity
4. It can be install on all kind of machine which produce oil mist
Juwei focus on checking the quality by testing over hundred times before it is delivery to our clients because Juwei always wants to provide the best quality to our clients.

Main Products

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