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Recommended Suppliers

Tailift Co., Ltd. has been the best seller in Taiwan's Forklift Truck market as well as the top one machine exported.
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. is a leading company of manufacturing powered and manual operated material handling equipments in Taiwan. We supply all series of pallet truck models and also manufacture pallet trucks to customers' requirement.
Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., the professional cosmetics container manufacturer and exporter, established in 1989, based in Tail City, Taiwan. ISO 9001 international Quality Management System, ISO 9001 international Quality Certification!!!



Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd.
Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd., is a Taiwanese manufacturer of power chucks and rotary cylinders; our product lines also include: collet chucks, stationary chucks, synchronous clamps, facing heads and other parts.
Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Prochase is an excellent plastic raw materials manufacturer in the industry. We also produce protective films series, including anti glare films, anti scratch film, anti static film, privacy films etc..

Shin Fang is manufacturing a vast rang of bag accessories for bags industry friends. We are focusing on high quality accessories for bags, including mainly produce cart system, side wheel, side release buckle, hook, loop and ring, ladder lock, cam buckle, cord lock, shoulder pad, snap fastener, storage and container fittings and etc. We are continually adding more and more bag accessories making supplies so make sure to check back often. And now choosing the perfect accessories for your bags and handbag projects. If you are not sure which size or products is suite for you, please contact Shin Fang bag accessories manufacturer right now.
ANSON Hydraulics Industrial Co., Ltd.
ANSON is an expert of manufacturing hydraulic pumps and hydraulic power pack units include intra vane pumps, variable displacement hydraulic pump, fixed displacement hydraulic pump, power pack hydraulic pump, cartridge kits, and so forth.

DETZO was founded on December 1, 1991. It started as a coil winding machine for electronic parts, dedicated to the development and production of an "Automatic Multi-spindle Coil Winding Machine". In response to today's market needs, we are constantly pursuing innovative technologies, and adhering to the spirit of "Meeting customer needs", "Positive efficiency", "Ergonomically" and "High quality", we provide automation equipment to the global market.

DETZO has become the largest designer and manufacturer of Turnkey solutions, Customized special machines and Unmanned automatic production lines in the global market. The equipment produced has been sold all over the world. At the same time, we have set up service bases in China, the United States, Europe, Russia, India, Malaysia and other places to provide perfect and timely after-sales service. We sincerely invite you to visit us anytime for further business negotiation, you are very welcome.
Spintop Machinery Co., Ltd.
TOPSDISK, manufactures and supplies of nc rotary table, faceplate tailstock, cnc rotary indexing table and more machine tools for clients.

World Known Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
World Known Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (WKPT) is located in Taiwan. The core technology is multi-process metal machining, including the machining of iron and aluminum, surface treatment, and semi-finished-product forming technology. WKPT can be involved in the product design stage and offer the most suitable product solution with a one-stop metalworking service to increase customer stickiness.

WKPT is an expert in high-mix, low-volume requests from global major brands, products applied to automotive partsgreen energy partsagricultural machinery partsconstruction machinery parts, etc. The terminal sales products include brake backplanes, turbochargers and accessories, flywheel housing, swing arm housing, exhaust manifold, bracket, spindle, wind power brake system parts, and various industrial machinery components and machined parts, etc.
Mountop Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mountop Precision is a professional pump vane supplier, providing different pump vanes, such as power steering pump vanerotary compressor pump vanes, hydraulic pump vanes, and Denison hollow vanes. To win the confidence of its clients, we keep improving the quality of our products, and we also import equipment and instruments from Europe, Japan, and Switzerland to become a leading various vane supplier. Want to find a reliable hydraulic pump vanes supplier? Please contact Mountop for more information!
Huang Guan Special Printery Co., Ltd.

Huang Guan is the largest paper food boxes wholesale supplier in Taiwan; our production capacity reaches 120 million pcs per month. We have more than 150 stock products are offered and provide efficient production capacity and diversified kraft paper food containers and paper food containers to meet consumers' demand in different markets.

Besides paper food boxes manufacturing, we are also one of the most skillful paper cups wholesalers who are capable of producing various paper cups, such as cold cups, single wall hot cups, embossed double hot cups and double wall insulated paper hot cups. Every cup from us has all passed US and European food grades; everyone can use our products with 100% confidence. If you are interested in our paper take-out container and drink cups, feel free to send us your inquiries anytime.

As a professional CNC Electric Discharge Machines Supplier, OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES, with outstanding R&D capability. We have always presented a new generation of CNC EDMs, CNC Drilling EDMs Machines, CNC Rotary Table to meet the market requirements and always strived hard to pursue the higher technology. All of our electric discharge machines with high quality and high accuracy and has earned us a public recognition and praise in global market. We aim to be the leading brand of global EDM machines and the customer preferred partner. Any questions? Contact us right now.
Ares Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ares has been committed to constant R&D, continued improvements on quality and functionality of CNC tapping center, CNC drilling machine, CNC production center machines and the development of completely new models. Awarded ISO 9002 ISO & 9001:2000.
Godswill Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

Since 1987, Godswill has an excellent reputation in paper machine field and manufacture excellent recycling machine. Our main product are recycling baling presses equpment, paper baler, vertical balers, horizontal baler, box making machine and etc. We are keeping innovative to develop new products, welcome to take a close look at product images, related specifications and contact us now.

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