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Double Column Grinding Machine


  • Model No: GL Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Successfully developed by Top-One's R&D team, this machine is excellent for precision grinding on extra large workpieces that also require highly efficient operations.

This series of machine is ruggedly constructed, exhibiting unmatched precise performance. In addition, its crossrail movable type design ensures that the wheel head achieves the highest stability to upgrade the overall grinding quality.

Specification :

Max. grinding surface (L x W)2/3/4 x 1.2 M3/4/5/6 x 1.6 M3/4/5/6 x 2.0 M
Grinding height1000~2000 mm1000~2000 mm1000~2000 mm
X axis travel2000~4000 mm3000~6000 mm3000~6000 mm
Y axis travel1500 mm2000 mm2500 mm
Z axis travel400 mm400 mm400 mm
W axis travel850~1850 mm850~1850 mm850~1850 mm
Distance between columns1700 mm2200 mm2700 mm
Table size (length)2000~4000 mm3000~6000 mm3000~6000 mm
Table size (width)1200 mm1600 mm2000 mm
T-slot□22 mm□22 mm□22 mm
Max. table load2M:2 /3M:4 /4M:6 Ton3M:6 /4M:8 /5M:10 /6M:12 Ton3M:9 /4M:12 /5M:15 /6M:18 Ton
Double V slide distance700 mm900 mm1100 mm
X axis grinding speed5000~25000 mm/min5000~25000 mm/min5000~25000 mm/min
Y axis rapid feed3000 mm/min3000 mm/min3000 mm/min
Z axis rapid feed2000 mm/min2000 mm/min2000 mm/min
Min.Z axis feeding0.002 mm0.002 mm0.002 mm
M.P.G feeding increment0.002 / x1x10x100 mm0.002 / x1x10x100 mm0.002 / x1x10x100 mm
Y-axis motor2.9 kW2.9 kW2.9 kW
Z-axis motor2.9 kW2.9 kW2.9 kW
Vertical spindle motor12HP/6P (15HP optinal)
Horizontal spindle motor20HP/4P (25HP optinal)
Grinding wheelHorizontal: 20" x 50 mm x 203 bore / Vertical: 14" x 50 mm x 127 bore
Horizontal spindle speed300~2000 RPM300~2000 RPM300~2000 RPM

*Note:The machine specifications,dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

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