Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd.

Taiwan High and Low Voltage Power Capacitors, Power Capacitor Banks Manufacturer

No. 59, Chung Cheng St., Chingshung, Taichung City 43653, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Yuhchang, established in April 1967, is one of professional large capacitor manufacturers in Taiwan. The capital is NT$80,000,000(US$ 2,400,000). Main products have power capacitors, dry type capacitors, high and low frequency capacitors, reactors, automatic capacitor banks, low voltage capacitor and automatic power factor regulators.

In 1970
Capital increased up to NT$ 6 million (US$150,000), we imported foreign advanced technology to produce high & low voltage capacitors.
In 1973
Capital reached to NT$ 10 million, and the company was certified as a qualified factory by Taiwan Power Company.
In 1977
The company was rated grade A in terms of qualified exporter and quality control factory by Merchandise Office of Economic Association (MOEA). Taipei branch has been established since.
In 1978
High & low voltage capacitors were granted the No.2845 and 2846 CNS Mark by Central Standard Department. Kaoshiung branch has been established since.
In 1979
With increasing capital of NT$19 million (US$ 500,000), square type capacitors used for electrical apparatus were successfully developed.
In 1983
With capital of NT$ 30 million (US$ 750,000), MF low voltage capacitors were successfully developed.
In 1985
Capacitors for induction cookers and microwave were developed.
In 1987
With capital of NT$36 million (US$1,200,000) and increase of factory area 1,800 square meters, new model dry type capacitors, YE-P type, used for internal protection of electrical apparatus were approved by American UL standard.
In 1988
With capital of NT$50 million (US$1,750,000), emergency lights were granted the No.5053 CNS Mark by Central Standard Department.
In 1990
With capital of NT$60 million (US$2,220,000), 7.35KV and 14.7KV capacitors were certified by Taiwan Power Company.
In 1992
Capacitors for electrical apparatus were approved by American UL standard. Taoyung branch has been established since.
In 1994
With capital of NT$80 million (US$3 million), capacitors, S series, used for electrical apparatus were certified by Germany VDE standard. Quality approval of ISO 9002 standard were certified.
In 1994
Acquired ISO 9002 for capacitors.
In 1997
Acquired ISO 9002 for emergency lights.
In 2001
Acquired ISO 9001:2000 for capacitors.

Main Products

Manufacturer of industrial electrical components, such as high voltage power capacitors, low voltage capacitors, capacitors for induction furnaces, surge capacitor, capacitor for surge absorption, capacitor for low frequency furnaces, capacitor for high frequency furnaces, induction heating capacitors, electrical apparatus capacitors, power capacitor banks, low pressure combined type condenser banks, power electronics capacitors, automatic power factor regulators (APFR), series reactors, automatic capacitor banks, DC link capacitors and etc.