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New Frying Conveyors

frying conveyor

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. To pass through a long time, we have developed and designed out new model Frying Conveyor. It will drop the contain oil ratio and steam quantity substantially.
2. If the finished products are by our Frying Conveyor make up. Then, the contain oil ratio of general steeping noodles will controlled between 17% and 18%, and drying noodles will controlled between 15% to 16%. Suppose the production capacity of our Frying Conveyor is 150,000 packages per 7 hours. Then, the steam quantity will controlled between 600 kilograms and 700 kilograms per hour.
3. The contain oil ratio of fryer about between 21% and 22% in the same business. If compares our Frying Conveyor with others, and you will see which could save the cost of oil and steam.

Specification :


1. The production capacity of equipment is 150,000 packages per 7 hours.

2. The production weight is 80 grams per package.

3. The oil of frying conveyor is used palm oil and its price is NT$25 per kilogram.

4. The steam price is NT$1,000 per ton.

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