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New Vacuum Type Sucking Flour Tanks

vacuum type sucking flour tank

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The flour topples into mixer directly. Although don't buy flour conveyor, but the impurity of flour will topple into mixer together. This way might damage the roller, noodle cutter and noodle comb. Besides, it will cause the dirt of flour pollution too. So, it is worse way.
2. The flour topples into Screen Powder Machine and passes through Screw Conveyor to Mixer. It will not easy to clean. Furthermore, once the machines stop, the flour will to go bad and affect the quality and sanitation of noodle.

Specification :

Auto-deliver flour system. Because the investment cost of this system is higher. So, the large-scale factory and have many production line’s factory install this system that have the benefit of investment. To integrate above mentioned the advantage and defect. We designed the Vacuum type Sucking Flour Tank. So, it is not produce the dirt of flour and not hoard the flour in the pipe. So, our machine could increase the production capacity or makes the mixing time of mixer become longer to mix out the better gluten of flour.

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