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New H2 Water Molecular Hydrogen Generator


  • Model No: CIH-H2
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Puricom CIH-H2 is an H2 Water Molecular Hydrogen Generator designed to cater to the growing demand for high-concentration hydrogen water. As a leading molecular hydrogen machine factory, our commitment to excellence is reflected in this innovative product that seamlessly combines technology with health benefits.

The CIH-H2 is not just a hydrogen water generator; it's a testament to our dedication to your well-being. With the ability to immediately generate hydrogen-rich water, this machine is at the forefront of providing a powerful antioxidant source. Molecular hydrogen is known for its ability to combat free radicals and shield your cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress, thereby supporting overall health and wellness.

Our H2 water generator is equipped with an auto cleaning function, ensuring that the hygiene of the water you consume is never compromised. The water electrolysis cell not only cleans itself automatically but also has an automatic detection system for any abnormal functions, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Understanding the importance of durability, we've incorporated a motor soft starter that significantly extends the lifespan of the system. The two-way magnetic closing cover is designed for ease of maintenance, allowing for quick and hassle-free access when needed.

Aesthetics meet functionality with the CIH-H2's smart LED artistic indicator and glossy panel design, which adds a touch of luxury to the machine's appearance. Moreover, the intelligent control system boasts four optional functions: filter change notice, water quality detector, leak sensor, and auto-flushing. These features provide peace of mind and convenience to the user by simplifying the maintenance and operation of the machine.

The CIH-H2 is compact and thoughtfully designed, with dimensions of D40.5×W12.5×H39.5 cm, making it suitable for various settings, whether in a home or a professional environment. It is compatible with BRO systems (with a maximum inlet RO volume of 1L/min) and operates efficiently within an inlet pressure range of 20 to 60 PSI. With an input voltage of AC100~240 V, it is adaptable to global electrical standards.

Our H2 water molecular hydrogen generator has ensured that the output is impressive, ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 liters per minute, with a hydrogen concentration between 0.8 to 2.0 ppm. This ensures that you enjoy the benefits of hydrogen water at its optimal level.

Specification :

Product NameCIH-H2 H2 Water Molecular Hydrogen Generator
DimensionsD40.5×W12.5×H39.5 cm
Inlet waterBRO (Max. inlet RO volume 1L/min)
PumpUP-7000 / UP-9100
Input VoltageAC100~240 V
Inlet pressure20~60 PSI
Inlet Water TDS< 60 ppm
Inlet Water Hardness< 60
Output0.8~1 / 1~1.2  (L/min)
H2 concentration0.8~1.3 / 1.4~2.0 ppm

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