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New Compact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


  • Model No: CMW-R3
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Puricom CMW-R3 is a compact under sink water filter system specifically designed to cater to modern households where space is at a premium and quality cannot be compromised. The CMW-R3 stands out in the market with its innovative features and superior performance, making it a top choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and efficient water purification solution.

The CMW-R3's innovative magnetic closing cover is a testament to Puricom's commitment to convenience and ease of use. This feature allows for quick access to the system's internals for maintenance, making the process hassle-free and reducing downtime. The compact design of the CMW-R3 is another significant advantage. It offers a 50% space-saving solution without sacrificing filtration efficiency, which, in fact, is increased by 50%. This makes the CMW-R3 an ideal choice for those who need to maximize their under sink space while ensuring they have access to clean, purified water.

Equipped with a small-sized booster pump, the CMW-R3 maintains a lightweight profile without compromising on performance. This high-performance pump ensures that you have a consistent flow of purified water whenever you need it. Moreover, Puricom is dedicated to safety and health, which is why the CMW-R3 utilizes reliable components such as food-grade fittings and tubing to guarantee the purity of your water.

Puricom believes that a water purifier should not only be functional but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. The CMW-R3, with its sleek and modern design, is not just a water filter but a work of art that improves the quality of life through its presence and performance.

The CMW-R3 goes beyond basic filtration with its intelligent 4-in-1 optional features. These include a filter change notice that alerts you when it's time for a replacement, a water quality detector to ensure your water is always of the highest standard, a leak sensor to prevent any accidental water damage, and an auto-flushing system that maintains the system's hygiene without any manual intervention.

Before the CMW-R3 reaches your home, it undergoes a rigorous 100% factory testing and sterilization process, ensuring that it is ready for installation and use. This commitment to quality means you can trust the CMW-R3 to provide clean, safe drinking water from the moment it's installed.

The system's specifications are a testament to its capabilities. With a built-in 10L storage tank and an output of 50/75 gallons per day (GPD), the CMW-R3 can meet the demands of any household. It operates on both 110V and 220V, and can handle inlet water TDS of less than 1000 ppm, hardness of less than 250 ppm, and a temperature range of 5℃ to 45℃.

Choose the Puricom CMW-R3 for an unmatched water purification experience that combines efficiency, convenience, and design in one compact under sink package.

Specification :

Product NameCMW-R3 Compact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
DimensionsD21.5×W41.5×H41 cm
Storage TankBuilt-in 10L
RO Output50 / 75 (GPD)
Voltage110V / 220V
Inlet Water TDS< 1000 ppm
Inlet Water Hardness< 250 ppm
Inlet Water Temperature5℃~45℃


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