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    Established in 1994, Art Giant was mainly manufacturing waterproof sealing tape, Composite Material products and hot-melt adhesives. In the recent years, we develop more PU coating products for textile and leather industry, and TPU Honeycomb cushion products for protection gear. We have grown steadily from a lamination factory into an innovative high technology corporation. Art Giant has 20 years of experience in manufacturing waterproof sealing tapes according to customer’s requirements, that can be applied to the outdoor footwear, outdoor garment, tents and waterproof industry. Our hot melt adhesive film has been producing for shoes, clothing, trade-marks and many other applications. Art Giant commits to producing the best quality products for customer. For more information, just contact...

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  • Beijing Evergrow Resources Co., Ltd.

    BEIJING EVERGROWRESOURCES CO. LTD is a leading scientific advanced functional materials enterprise. Our main products include UHMWPE powders, nylon Composite, activated carbon fibre cloth, engineering plastics, glass fibre paper & mat, glass fibre fabric, polypropylene super-fine fiber filter materials, etc. Dedicated to advanced functional Material professional design, manufacturing for many years, we have accumulated rich experiences and won high reputation among the customers both home and abroad. Our products has successfully be exported to US, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, India, Korea, Phillipine, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Singapore and Hong Kong, Taiwan area. We have the ability to supply products with good quality and competitive price according to your requirement. Please contact us...

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  • Taiwan Polypropylene Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of PP resins, PCMA products, PP staple fibers, thermal bonding, needle punching, polypropylene Composite materials and alloys (PCMA). Received by ISO 14000 certification in 1997.
  • Beijing Princo Composite Material Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of carbon fiber products, carbon fibers, carbon rapier rods, carbon shuttle shells, sprocket wheels, mining products, Composite Material cable hooks, enhanced cable links, peek valves, ceramic knives, PBO fibers.

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  • Longkou Aoxing Insulating Material Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of laminating sheets, epoxy glass cloth laminated boards, phenolic cotton cloth laminated boards, phenolic paper laminated boards, laminated tubes, laminated rods, insulating paints, insulating impregnated fabrics, insulating mica products, insulating tape supported adhesive, insulating Composite materials.

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  • Shandong Taishan Building Materials Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Taishan Building Materials Co., Ltd. is building materials engineering research, development, production and after-sales service in one integrated enterprises, the enterprises directly under their products including machinery, steel products and nonwoven industry. The company mainly produces construction machinery categories: cranes, loaders, geotextile materials: geogrid, nonwoven geotextile Composite geomembrane, impermeable soil HDPE, EVA samples, the impervious reinforced waterproof Material. Technology Center full computer-aided design, a perfect product and technology development system. Geotextile Material mainly geotextile Composite geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, EVA geomembrane, geogrid, Geocell and other products used primarily for water conservancy construction, highways,...

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    Haining Anjie Composite Materials Co., Ltd. esblished in 2004, and the subsidiary HK Yutai New Technology is founded in 2013, Which covers an area of about 8000 square meters. There are more than 50% of the total number of employees have got college degree or above. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the technological development, production and sales. Our major products include carbon fiber series, basalt fiber series, aramid and other products. Due to the excellent products performance, we have won critical acclaim in the industry. Our products are mainly sold to domestic and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, and other places. The company has been a "client first,teamwork,embracing change, honesty, passion and dedicaion" as business philosophy. Carry out "5S and...

    Nan Pao was founded in 1963 by Huang, Tang Qing Yun. What began as a small dyeing and finishing factory has grown over time into one of the biggest and most successful Taiwanese companies and the leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives, footwear adhesives, liquid and powder coating, hot-melt adhesives and construction materials in Taiwan. With over 2800 employees worldwide, Nan Pao now has factories and subsidiaries in Taiwan(HQ), China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia. In recent years, Nan Pao is proud to have introduced electric parts, health supplements, and adhesives in hygienic and medical industries into its portfolio of products as well as new innovative products. Its innovative products include carbon fibers, water-based...

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  • Composite Materials
    1. Composite Material is compositeed with two or more materials through lamination or fusion. 2. It's a special derived Material for strengthening or improving materials' characteristics.
  • Sole (Composite Materials)
    To extend our carbon fiber processing field and techniques, we develop any kind of custom specialties of carbon fiber products to reach the ultimate goal of lightness and durability.
  • B.Nylon66 Composites
    Application: auto & motorcycle parts, furniture parts, electrical home appliance industrial spectacle frame, connector, electrical brake, wheel ring for wheel chair. Nylon66 Composite/compound are in cluding: 1. That reinforced with glass fiber and(or)mineral fiber. 2. Surpertough grades both with and with out glass fiber. 3. Nylon alloy: (1) Nylon+ABS:Have better gloss and better adhesion than nylon. (2) Nylon+PP:Cower water absorption than nylon.
  • A.Nylon 6 Composites
    The products are including: 1. Nylon6 reinforced with glass fiber. 2. Nylon6 reinforced with mineral fiber, these grades with both good strength like reinforced nylon, and smooth surface on the molding parts. 3. Supertough nylon. 4. Nylon alloy. 5. The application for: (1) Tool machine outer parts & handle, sport apparatus, furniture, chair seat & chair shelt. (2) Motor cover, electrical home appliance parts. (3) Wheel ring for wheel chair skate shoes parts.
What are Composite Materials?

Composite materials for construction, engineering, and other similar applications are formed by combining two or more materials in such a way that the constituents of the composite materials are still distinguishable, and not fully blended. One example of a composite material is concrete, which uses cement as a binding material in combination with gravel as a reinforcement. In many cases, concrete uses rebar as a second reinforcement, making it a three-phase composite, because of the three elements involved. Composite materials take advantage of the different strengths and abilities of different materials. The majority of composite materials use two constituents: a binder or matrix and a reinforcement. Many composites are made in layers or plies, with a woven fiber reinforcement sandwiched between layers of plastic or another similar binder. These composite materials have the advantage of being very moldable, as in the hull of a fiberglass boat. Composites have revolutionized a number of industries, especially the aviation industry, in which the development of higher quality composites allows companies to build bigger and better aircraft. B2BManufactures.Com is a directory of Composite Material Manufacturing companies and suppliers with factories located in Taiwan and China, offer best Taiwan quality products at Chinese prices. Global buyer could send inquiries to composite materials manufacturers & suppliers online.

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