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    Since our establishment in 1986, Fuh Shyan has been a professional Office Chair Manufacturer. Our aim is to extend our product choice for consumers. After years of effort, we have successfully created a wide variety of Office furniture chairs, including Black Leather Office Chair, boss Office chairs, Big and Tall Executive Chair, swivel Office chairs, contemporary Office Chair, Armless Office Chair, Office guest chairs and more. We always insist to providing customer with high quality, competitive price and effective service. We will constantly endeavor to provide satisfactory products and the excellent service to all customers. Fuh Shyan is your best sourcing choice for Office Chair.

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    Yi Tsuan has accumulated more than 37 years of experiences in manufacturing Office Chair Armrests. We successfully use GIM technology and offer a series of one-piece, lightweight products. All of our armrests are manufactured with in-house designs and ANSI/BIFMA approved. To ensure production efficiency and quality control, we are equipped with various modernized machineries and testing equipments. Every our products are strictly tested before shipping. Besides our own design, OEM/ODM, special projects, and small quantity order are also welcome. Please don't feel obligated to contact us for more information about our Chair Armrests or other items.
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    In Taiwan Office Chair industry, Cheng Chon ( TA-ECHO) was established in 1988 with a commitment to be the leader in providing the best value in Office chairs for our customers. Now we have been a leading Office Chairs Manufacturer. Our advanced plant, 6600 square meter in area, is equipped with powder coating equipment, assembly and packaging machines. To ensure every Office Chair can satisfy customers' demands on quality, price, service and prompt delivery, our R&D team is always dedicated to developing innovative designs with best solutions. If you are interested in our variety of Office cairs, please contact us without any hesitation. Custom-made services are always welcome.

Standard Suppliers

  • Zhejiang Huakang Furniture Co., Ltd.

    China Office Chair manufacturer- Founded in 1991, Zhejiang Huakang Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Public-Seating. Our main products are auditorium chairs, lounge chairs, hospital chairs, and Office sofas. We have been doing a great number of projects both in domestic and foreign public-seating fields basis on our competitive prices, reliable quality and excellent after-sales services. As one of the leading suppliers of public-seating in China, we had passed the certifications of ISO9000 and ISO14001 of International Quality System. Furthermore, we constantly introduce advanced management theory, advanced production technology and advanced machinery from home and abroad, in order to keep up with the world market's development and customer's requirement. That's why we can...

    Profile : lounge chair

  • Hengchang Chair Co., Ltd.

    a specialized manufacturer of Office furniture, our furniture including mesh Office Chair, mesh chairs, bamboo Chair, executive chairs, manager chairs, ergonomic chairs, visitor Chair, task chairs, leasure chiar. What customers needed is our searched. We'll serve you a mordrate Office room with our quality products, high quality and good service to satisfy your inquiry.

    Profile : mesh office chair

  • Juhan Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

    Foshan Clever Juhan Office Furniture Ltd., is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province clever rich Bay industrial zone, covers an area of over 20,000 square meters. Founded in 1998, we are s a design, development, production, marketing and after-sales service as one of the professional Office Zhuanyi production enterprises. Juhan Office Furniture has a professional production equipment and technical strength and lean have a good quality of the workforce, improve after-sales service. Major producers of steel Office Zhuanyi and sofas, swival chairs and other Office furniture. Our products are mainly sold Britain, France, Spain, Italy and other Western European countries and countries in Southeast Asia. Juhan Office Furniture advocating advanced design concepts, superb production process. Adhere...

    Profile : mesh office chair

  • Zhejiang Henglin Furniture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of mesh Office Chair, executive Chair, manager Chair, visitor Chair, clerk Chair, bar Chair. It has passed ISO9001-2000, American ANSI/BIFMA5.1 and European EN1335.

    Profile : mesh office chair

  • Anji Lianfeng Furniture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of mesh Office Chair, executive chairs, dining chairs, relax sofa & chairs, massage chairs, bar chairs. The products passed stringent requirements of SGS, LGA and BS.

    Profile : mesh office chair

  • Anji Kesheng Office Furniture Factory

    Anji Hetian Furniture Co., Ltd, is located in Anji, Zhejiang Province - the Famous Home of Chair Industry in China. Hetian new manufacturing plant covers a land area of 30,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of various Office chairs: Products range including Sofa, Mesh Chairs, Executive Chairs, Manager Chairs, Conference Chairs, Bent-arm Chair, Clerk Chairs, Bar Stools, Public Seating ,etc. We have more than 10 years experience in the industry With strict quality control along the manufacturing and supply chain including incoming raw materials inspection, in-process control and finished goods quality inspection. Our professional Office furniture is designed with fashion conception, which delivers durability, comfort and improved workplace performance. Hetian is also innovative...

    Profile : mesh office chair

  • Anji Chenxu Furniture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of mesh Office Chair, Office desks, meeting tables, leisure chairs, executive chairs, managerial chairs, task Chair, dining chairs, cinema chairs, bar chairs, various sofas, etc. It received ISO9001 certification in late 2003 and passed the test of SGS in Jan of 2004. The Office chairs series have been evaluated as being in accordance with the American ANSI/BIF MAX5.1 quality and safety requirements for Office chairs.

    Profile : mesh office chair

  • Yuxuan Office Furniture Manufacturer

    Yuxuan Office Furniture Manufacturer was established in 1998. We specialize in the manufacture of metal furniture designed for self-assembly by the end customer. By producing modern, high quality, affordale furniture that can be quickly and easily assembled, we are endeavoring to meet the demands of today's discerning customer. Product ranges include mesh Chair, high-end Office chairs, fabric sofa, staff Office Chair, public chairs, royalty leather sofa, Office furniture, metal furniture, etc. In conjunction with the ISO 9001: 2000 international quality guaranteed system, we will try our best to suit the market, manufacture and deliver quickly,and meet our buyers' high standards of quality control-all while minimizing costs. This combination of lower costs and higher quality typically adds...

    Profile : mesh office chair

How to Stop Your Office Chair from Killing You

For those of us who spend the majority of our working day in a desk chair, the news from health researchers the last few years has been decidedly bad.

The central message of the researchers’ studies is this: the more time you spend sitting each day, the greater your chance of dying within the following three to 15 years (depending on which study you consult). In the latest study to support this claim, the sitting-equals-death threshold was 11 or more hours a day. For the age-group studied (45 years and older), those who sat 11 or more hours a day had a 40% greater chance of dying within three years, as compared to people who sat four or less hours a day.

To put this in context, let’s say that you are an otherwise healthy person without a genetic history of heart disease or cancer, and your baseline chance of death within three years, per standard insurance statistics, is around 10%. According to this study, sitting for 11 or more hours a day over time increases that risk to 50%. That doesn’t mean your likelihood of dying is 50%, but that your risk of dying is significantly greater than that of someone who doesn’t sit for hours on end.

The frightening part about these studies is that they’ve cut a gaping hole in the safety net many of us thought we’d created to mitigate the risk — regular exercise. The research is quite clear that even among those who exercise, the elevated chance of death remains high. Regular exercise helps (defined in the latest study as 5 or more hours a week), but it doesn’t entirely balance the scale.

The reason sitting is dangerous involves a combination of factors. The first, and most obvious, is that the more we sit the less calories we burn and more of what we consume is stored as fat. Over time, as we’re all well aware, carrying around excess fat predisposes our bodies to a range of health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

The less obvious reasons are more immediate, including a rapid drop in a circulating blood enzyme called lipase that is responsible for breaking down fat. One study puts this drop at 90% – a virtual shut down. In addition, electrical activity in our leg muscles radically decreases the longer we sit, and that means that our metabolic rate slows to a crawl, to about one calorie per minute. And one of the most dangerous outcomes of sitting for extended periods is that our bodies become less sensitive to the insulin our pancreas is busy producing (24% less sensitive according to one study), and that skyrockets the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Bottom line: if your job requires sitting for long periods, you have twice the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease than someone who doesn’t sit all day. You can offset that risk somewhat by exercising regularly, but the hours in your chair will still take a toll. Add to this that most of us also sit a fair amount when we aren’t at work, and the problem only gets worse.

So what can we do about it?

The most doable advice I’ve come across so far is to use your scheduler (Microsoft Outlook, etc) to your advantage by scheduling a “get up and walk” break every 15 to 30 minutes. Of course, this will only work if you don’t hit ‘ignore’ when the window pops up on your monitor, and if you have a job that allows you to leave your office that frequently. Even just getting up and walking around your office suite or taking a stroll to the lobby will help.

This next suggestion will sound a bit odd, but another way to help offset the negatives of sitting is by fidgeting. Yes, fidgeting. Jiggling your legs, pacing while you’re on a call, getting up and circling your desk while thinking through a problem — all of these behaviors help over time.

A final suggestion is a little harder to do, but if you can do it, do it — and that’s work at a standing desk. I’ve personally tried this and found it hard to get used to, but I know people who have made a complete conversion to a standing desk and won’t go back to sitting. Standing isn’t exercise, but compared to sitting it might as well be an Olympic sport.

Whatever method or combination of methods you choose, the crucial thing is to sit less every day. Not an easy challenge for us office dwellers and midnight typers, but the science on the risks is clear enough. We either change, or accept the consequences of sitting tight.


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