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Fiberglass And Silicon Rubber Sleevings

glass sleeving slicon rubber sleeving

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: West Europe , East Europe , South America

Detail Information

Description :

The kind of tubing produced with the process of thermal and vulcanization is the non-alkali fiberglass braided silicone rubber tubing. This tubing possesses good qualities of dielectric high temperature resistance and cold resistance and can be use as wiring insulator for H grade electrical machinery, special bulbs, electrical rice cookers as well as other household appliance and their protection device.

Specification :

1. Color scheme. 2. The standard color is white. But red, yellow, green, blue, and 3. black are available by special order. 3. Type: Two types are classified according to the degrees of insulation withstand voltage. (1) SRG-1: For use high voltage circuits. (2) FSG-2: For use low voltage circuits or "H" class general insulation. 4. Length: Total length 1000mm ±20mm. (Continuous length may be negotiated)

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