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Teflon Tapes ( Nitoflon)


  • Model No: No.903UL
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: West Europe , North America , South America

Detail Information

Description :

1. Nothing can stick to the surface of NITOFLON. When it is used as tape, however, adhesive type is preferable for workability.
2. No.903 is coated on its one face with a heat –resistant silicone adhesive.
3. Like other pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, it can be sued for laminating, winding, bundling,and sealing purposes as well as electric insulation purpose. Actually, it is widely used such as for bundling in the atmosphere where resistance to heat and corrosion is raquired, for releasing purpose requiring non-adhesive property, for hopper chutes requiring low coefficient of friction, and other various fields making use of NITOFLON’s excellent properties.

Specification :

1. Skived Tape No.900: (1) Bondability. (2) Heat resistance. (3) Non- adhesive propeties. 2. Size designation: thickness x width x length.

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