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New Conductive Platic And Special Applicated Slide Potentiometers ( Master Series)

conductive platic special applicated slide  potentiometers

  • Model No: SL4581G
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. 45mm, stand type, dual units.
2. Resistance taper: linear (B) and log (A)curve.
3. Total resistance tolerance: 20%.
4. Input impedance: ±20% 10KΩ (standard).
5. Attenuation accuracy: 0~20dB ±3B (for dual units).
6. Matching accuracy: 0~20dB ±3B (for dual units).
7. Insertion loss max: 0.5dB.
8. Cut off at 15KHz minimum: 90dB.
9. Voltage rating: not to exceed 20V DC.
10. Insulation resistance: 50KΩ or more at DC 250V.
11. High quality and long slide life.
12. Fader control in popular type of mixers, stage stereos, DJ potentiometers, etc.

Specification :

1. Total resistance & total resistance tolerance: 1KΩ ~ 1MΩ & ±20%(more than 1KΩ± 30%).
2. Resistance taper: A. B. C. D.
3. Lever push-pull strength: 50N (5kgf) Max. at 10 sec.
4. Sliding life: standard 30,000 / special 50,000.
5. Conductive plastic over 300,000cycles.

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