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With Puricom's CQE-HV vacuum insulated RO water purifier, you can enjoy clean, pure drinking water and the convenience of hot water for your beverages and meals. With energy-efficient vacuum insulation, customizable temperatures, and advanced safety features, this all-in-one solution offers superior performance and savings. Visit Puricom Knowledge: Vacuum Insulated Hot Water RO Purifier for more information!

Worried about harmful PFAS chemicals lurking in your drinking water? You're not alone. These "forever chemicals" are increasingly detected in water sources worldwide, raising concerns about health risks.

But there's good news! Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration emerges as a highly effective solution to remove PFAS from your drinking water, offering peace of mind and improved health.

Visit our Knowledge: PFAS Contamination in Water and its Removal with Reverse Osmosis Filtration for a deeper dive into PFAS contamination, regulations, and how RO filtration safeguards your family's health. Take control of your water quality and embrace peace of mind with a reliable RO system.

Puricom takes pride in our commitment to quality and authenticity. Our products are exclusively made and assembled in the heart of Taiwan, ensuring that each item meets our high standards for purity and performance. We are aware of imitations out there, but we want to remind our valued customers that genuine Puricom products come only from Taiwan.

Beware of counterfeits that may mimic our design and name. We have not authorized any branches or created any websites outside of Taiwan. For the true Puricom experience, visit our only official website: https://www.puricom.com/en

When you choose Puricom, you are choosing the original purity and innovation that we have cultivated on our home soil. Don't be misled by copies – trust in the quality that can only come from Puricom, the authentic Taiwanese brand dedicated to enhancing your water experience.

For more details, please check out Puricom news at the official website: Puricom Products are Made ONLY in Taiwan. Any Others are Counterfeit.

The water filtration industry is huge industry, and extremely competitive. So how can you be assured that you are working with qualified water filtration companies?

Nearly all respectable water filtration companies will be a member of the American-based Water Quality Association (WQA) because it represents the integrity of an industry that is so crucial to our health and living standards.

Water Quality Association (WQA)

To certify the quality and integrity of water professionals, the WQA candidate must complete the WQA Modular Education Program course work while participating in an apprenticeship program and then pass a comprehensive examination that covers a broad range of water industry knowledge to be certified. Certification is given in two levels: Certified Water Specialist (CWS) and Master Water Specialist (MWS).

Master Water Specialist (MWS).

As a member of the WQA with a Master Water Specialist on staff, Puricom RO systems manufacturer is confident we can face any challenge in the water filtration industry. We are here to help and we always welcome your questions and hope to make your water experience as enjoyable as possible.

Welcome to visit Puricom to learn more about What are the Water Quality Association (WQA) and Master Water Specialist (MWS)?

Since its establishment, the Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award has entered the 7th year.

Every year, from more than 1.46 million domestic SMEs, the TOP 1000 enterprises with the most export competitiveness are selected and praised by data analysis.

This year, the global economy is affected by the pandemic and the market has been tested. But, Puricom countertop reverse osmosis system manufacturer is still standing firm and is striding forward to the 6th award this year. We sincerely thank our customers for their continued support and recognition.

Puricom Won the D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award 2020

Facing this year’s pandemic, TAITRA responded quickly by launching its 2020 Online Trade Mission meeting platform to serve the global business community which is currently under lockdown. Puricom RO systems manufacturer was one of the first Taiwanese suppliers chosen to introduce a chosen product for this online platform.

Puricom Versa Compact RO System Displayed on TAITRA Online Trade Mission Meeting Platform

Puricom’s Versa Intelligent RO System
Candidates for the Online Trade Mission were selected for outstanding R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing to identify products that offer Innovative Value while satisfying the key criterion of being Made in Taiwan. Puricom Versa compact RO system is proud to have met these standards.

One of the greatest challenges of designing a reverse osmosis drinking water system is that you want to include as many features as you can in the system, but not let operation become too complicated for the users. Working together with the European team, Puricom designed one of the most elegant and user-friendly compact reverse osmosis systems - Versa to date.

If you have any interest in Taiwan 2020 Online Trade Mission or Versa reverse osmosis drinking water system, welcome to visit the Puricom Press Center: https://bit.ly/3eN0pnv for more information!

With housing prices and living standards rising, CMW is an elegant compact reverse osmosis system that complements today’s smaller living spaces. With its ultra-slim design, lightweight storage tank, and Micro-pump it is only 1/3 the volume, 1/2 the weight, and 70% of the footprint area of traditional RO systems.

The Puricom CMW compact water purifier is with Goethe style curvature, soft blue-white stained glass elegance, and artistic design, simple push-button LED interface, and easy magnetic close case delight consumers yearning for aesthetics.

Push-button LED shows water quality, filter change, and leak detection status. The water purifier automatically turns off and “beeps” if a leak or low inlet water pressure is detected.

RO membrane auto-rinse function ensure membrane cleansing and water quality. And with a washable storage tank maintains maximum sanitation.

CMW RO water purifier is made of 90% recyclable material. Insect, rust, and dustproof case with heat dissipation ventilation. The magnetic, easy-open case for quick convenient DIY maintenance and filter changes.

Learn more information about CMW Compact RO Water System, please feel free to visit Puricom for more water treatment solutions.

This lightweight completely rusts free PET RO storage tank has a removable inner bladder that can be easily cleaned or replaced making Q-Pack extremely hygienic. Its base hides tubing for easy installation and damage protection. Component parts can be replaced individually.

1. Lightweight
Replacing metal with PET reduces overall weight by 1–2 kg. PET plastic is highly efficient for pressure retention so the storage tank maintains a high water flow rate. Easily disassembled, so components can be replaced independently, giving great savings as the whole tank doesn't need to be replaced. The functional foolproof base simplifies installation; hides tubing, connectors, and pressure regulator for a neat outlook. Gives protection from dirt, contamination, and damage. No metal connectors so the entire unit is completely rust free; will not leak due to corrosion. The regulator valve protects against high pressure. Tested under NSF standards. Follow organic design and apply curves and arcs to its look to show harmony with nature.

2. Hygienic, Removable, Washable Inner Bladder
One of the most common criticisms of RO storage tanks is that the tank cannot be cleaned. Long-term accumulation of impurities affects water quality. Q-PACK’s inner bladder is easily removed for regular cleaning to ensure high-quality clean water storage. Multiple reuses. With traditional tanks, due to the accumulation of dirt and sediments, it is recommended to replace the whole tank after three years; a considerable waste. The Q-PACK storage tank is washable and reusable, for big savings. Having the water inlet/outlet at the bottom of the tank ensures there will be no settling of impurities at the bottom of the tank.

3. User Friendly
With a total weight of only 1.5kg, (1/2 the weight of conventional steel tanks) handling, and mounting is effortless. Easy installation. Quick connect fittings for easy connection and disassembly. Universal design. Can be used with any commercially available water filter.

ZIP (Zero Installation Purifier), Puricom’s latest RO water purifier, is the world's first revolutionary, installation-free, zero waste-water, household Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier. The ZIP mobile RO water purifier removes bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful materials, including even radioactive materials. The ZIP purifier requires no installation and is environmentally friendly with zero wastewater.

The Innovation and Value Behind ZIP Include:

  • The world's first revolutionary, installation-free RO water purifier. Just plug in and it is ready to filter.

  • The world's first innovative RO filter designed to have zero wastewater.

  • Globally patented, compact design gives you 50% space saving compared to traditional, bulky, high waste-water RO filters.

  • A very simple user interface. "Water comes with the turn of a dial." No complicated user manual needed.

  • Blue, Orange LED light interface shows color-coded management of the filter condition. Color-coded LED instantly shows when filtration is completed.

  • Intelligent, automatic, power-safety motor design, gives an instant supply of filtered water and automatically shuts off when filtration is complete.

  • FT filter cartridges are easy to replace without special tools; DIY maintenance with ease.

  • Specially selected, high efficiency, durable materials, gives fast filtration even in demanding situations.

  • Mobile design; does not need to be installed in household plumbing. Any water source gives you easy access to fresh and healthy RO pure water at any time.

  • Environmentally friendly, GREEN, recyclable materials, such as ABS, and PP, ensure suitability for recycling and reduction of the use of Earth's resources.

  • The stylish European design of ZIP is compatible with the elegant design of European and American style kitchens and homes.
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