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    Garmin International Inc. is a world-famous manufacturer of GPS Tracking System, GPS Tracker and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets. The products serve aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, OEM, GPS Tracking systems recreation applications. Adapt our GPS engines for your transportation, recreational or survey application. Our small, highly-accurate, robust devices offer superior performance and flexibility right off the shelf. We always keep innovation, perfect quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery in mind to meet customers' needs. We also provide many kind of products, welcome to our website to get more information!

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  • GPS GSM GPRS Vehicle Locators: Tracking System
    1. Configuration on air. 2. GSM Quadband with high senstivity GPS receiving. 3. Communication: SMS, GPRS, data line communication. 4. Support: TCP/UDP protocol. 5. Built in 2m flash memory. 6. Power management. 7. Support realtime Tracking and logging. 8. Idle report. 9. Over speed. 10. Towing. 11. Geo-fence (up to 10). 12. Panic alarm. 13. Immobilizing.
  • Itrac Compact GPS Vehicle Locators: Tracking System, GPS Trackers
    1. Real time Tracking and logging available. 2. Communication: SMS, GPRS in TCP or UDP protocol. 3. High sensitivity GPS receiving capability. 4. 4 digital inputs & 2 digital outputs. 5. Mini USB port for data transmission. 6. configuration on air. 7. 10 Geofence available. 8. Towing alarm. 9. Over speed alarm. 10. Low power alarm. 11. Power management. 12. Idle time report. 13. Built in 1400mA rechargeable backup battery. 14. This is professional car tracker for vehicle Tracking in reliable operation and report.
  • PT-33: GPS Tracking Systems And GSM Personal Trackers
    (1)The GPS and GSM modules are integrated inside the Tracking unit case. (2)GPRS support GSM for downloading logged data Up to 100,000 individual locations can be saved. (3)Built in motion switch (the unit can be mounted in any position for activation). 1 x power switch. 1 x Bluetooth switch. 1 * Button (Panic). 1 * Microphone. (4)Mini USB port - Serial (1200 to 38400 baud Rate) for external communication, firmware upgrade, GPS data output and battery charge. (5)4 LED indicators. (6)Bluetooth GPS output (Bluetooth GPS receiver).
  • Waterproof GPS Trackers
    1. R-35W waterproof GPS tracker. 2. For motorcycles, motor boats, caravans, and outdoor equipment.
  • Web Based AVL Tracking Systems & GPS Tracker
    Innovative added value vehicle Tracking system products are the main goal in product design, along with cost effectiveness that a costly technology of vehicle Tracking system product can offer but without adding high cost value. StarsNav engineering team has been engaged in the GPS industry for two decades, so we are confident in offering vehicle Tracking systems in superior quality, meeting the customers' maximum demands.
  • Personal Trackers ( GPS Personal Tracking Devices)
    R-33 is a sophisticated personal tracker built with the powerful and accurate uBlox LEA5S GPS module. Its robust casing reduces false alarms and makes it durable for carrying around day-to-day use. When using R-33 with its optional large capacity battery and waterproof box, it can also be used as an asset tracker. Applications: 1. Criminal control. 2. Child care. 3. Chronically ill safety: dementia sufferer, senior people. 4. Outdoor recreation: travel, hiking, bike riding. 5. Rescue operations. 6. Animal Tracking. 7. Safety of police force or security guard. 8. Military use: locate soldiers on the battlefields. 9. Sales/technical force management.
  • AVL GPS Tracking Systems (Flee Management)
    We design build-in geofencing, back up battery in the unit to prevent external lost, power lost warning…etc. Indeed, cost down is the best concern for all of the applications, we putting our efforts in offering, upload OS system on air to avoid the cost of call back the vehicles in upgrade or debug, prevent false alarm communication to save your pocket, TCP/IP protocol to minimize the cost of GPRS communication. StarsNav AVL hardware- Rover has designed with SoC (System On Chip) solution to bring more reliability and stability to the over whole performance Indeed, Rover has been ranking as premium car alarm system by insurance companies across the world.

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