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    • Material Handling Equipment
    Noveltek is a leading powered & manual operated Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer in Taiwan and promises to provide customers with higher value machinery to meet their special requirement specifications. Our Material Handling Equipments have been recognized worldwide for design excellence and innovation. Our Material Handling pallet trucks have been exported to 38 countries around the world. Those countries are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, U.K., Greece, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and so on. In addition, our products quality level can meet eec-89/392 regulation with "CE" mark on it. If you have any other requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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      Material Handling Equipment
      Material Handling Equipment
    Tailift was established in 1973 as an OEM manufacturer of Material Handling equipments with high quality, high-technique and high-accuracy. The perfect operation mode with humanity and high-efficiently mode form those strengthen R&D work team and high-quality QC management. We have been the best seller in Taiwan market as well as the top one machine exporter. All our Material Handling Equipment Forklifts were obtained the Certification of CE and awarded "Enterprise Innovation Research Award" by the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Taiwan. We'll continue to emphasize investments in research and development work, focusing on bringing to market the highest quality Material Handling Equipment improvements that meet customer demands. Welcome to contact us, we will respond as soon as possible.

Standard Suppliers

  • Wuhan Chancay Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Wuhan Chancay Machinery & Electronics Co.,Ltd lead the domestic machinery products technical levels by virtue of the field of mechanical engineering professional experience success in the last decade. Our factory was established in year 2006 with staff number of 500 person, among them 150 are technical engineers, 50 are professional sales person and after-sales service person. It has been set up our own research institute. Since the company had been established, we devote to the multi-purpose farm machinery and the engineering machinery development. At present, our main product including agricultural machinery ( wheel tractor, walking tractor, lawn mower implement of the tractor, etc), engineering machinery ( skid steer loader, mini excavator, bulldozer forklift, ect) and some more flexible...

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  • Qingdao Benco Industry Co., Ltd.

    Qingdao BENCO Industry Co.,Ltd ,the specialised Manufacturer and Exporter ,is also proud to be the leader in selling moving Equipment. We bring you a user friendly website where you may easily find whatever kind of Equipment you may need. Look around and compare we are confident you won't be able to find such a site, where you may also speak to sales representatives, who know the products they sell and can help you find what you need. We are committed to providing you the highest quality moving Equipment at the most competitive prices¡ªincluding, but not limited to, Hand Trucks, Platform trucks, Mover dollies, folding carts, Garden trolleys, Tool carts, Metal Tools, Rubber wheels and tires, wheelbarrows, etc OEM products. After years of experience and operating, it grows to a integrative...

    Profile : OEM wheels

  • Shanghai Broad Mechanism & Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of forklift parts, forklifts, stackers, pallet truck series, platform hand trucks, Material Handling equipments, straw & willow crafts, construction materials, aluminium foils, tooth paste tubes, cable shields, pharmaceutical packs, straw coated bottles, straw furniture.

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  • Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd

    Founded in 1978 and established the own brand “GPM”, Gallant Precision Machining (GPM) (TWSE: 5443) was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995. Starting out as a manufacturer of mold parts and components for semiconductor Equipment, GPM gradually entered the process Equipment, automation Equipment, and precision mold part and component industries in 1985. Later in 2002 and 2006, GMP merged respectively with Kingbond and Kingroup Systems to enhance process technology RD, production, and manufacturing capabilities, thus allowing it to successfully enter the core supply chain of LCD, PV, PCB, biomedical, robot, and smart automation industries. Today, GPM products and services are distributed throughout Asia, with accounts across Greater China and Southeast Asia. Over the past forty years...

Products Catalog

  • Forklift Trucks ( Material Handling Equipment)
    1.Chassis & hydraulics: (1) A fully enclosed chassis frame houses the drive motors. (2) The hydraulic and drive components are protected against dirt and water. (3) For long leak-free service. (4) It is critical to keep the hydraulics system clean. (5) The J servies has high quality cylinders and hard chrome burnished and polished rods to reduce burnished and polished rods to reduce seal wear, for long life and minimum fluid contamination. (6) To keep the fluid clean the J has a full-flow low pressure filter on the return line. (7) Cleanliness minimises seal and pump wear and keeps the control valve in good condition, trouble free. 2.Brakes: The J series three-wheel truck has three independent braking systems: (1) Regenerative braking system. (2) Hydraulic wet disc brake system. (3)...
  • Hand Pallet Trucks ( Material Handling Equipments)
    1. 5yr. pump warranty. 2. 5500Lb. capacity. 3. Comfort grip handle. 4. Polyurethane with steel hub. 5. Inventory for immediate shipment. 6. Factory parts distribution center & customer service.
  • Manual Stackers ( Material Handling Equipment)
    1. Products name: manual Material Handling stackers. 2. Moves large bulky crates and skids easily. 3. Intergrated hydraulic system ( pump, valve) with heavy-duty 12 volt battery with build-in 12-AMP fully automatic battery charge and heavy-duty plug in cord. 4. With flow control valve located at base of lift cylinder that regulates lowering speed for safety. 5. Mast are fitted with heavy-duty roller bearing. 6. Heavy-duty chain safety screen. 7. Floor lock brake that keeps stacker steady when lowering or lifting a load also for driver safety. 9. Battery capacity indictor.
  • Electric Stackers ( Material Handling Equipments)
    Products: electric Material Handling stackers: 1. Ergonomic design-extra large push buttons for raise, lower and born functions are easily accessible even with gloved hand. 2. Large safety reversing button propels truck away from operator if contact with operator made while unit is in reverse mode. 3. Dual forward/ reverse grip controls for thumb operation. 4. Automatic "dead-man" type braking with power cut-off switch when brake is applied.
  • Manual Pallet Stackers ( Material Handling Equipments)
    1. Sample purchase. 2. It use manual hydraulic pump for lifting. 3. It is easy Handling, easy lifting. 4. The standard straddle type is used to carry european open pallets. 5. The wide straddle type is used to carry american closed pallets. 6. It has very smoothly wheels, it is very easy to push / full. 7. This stacker fits adjustable width forks, it can carry many pallets. 8. This stacker is used for small area and not frequent user. 9. This stacker is designed for 10 years use. 10. This is zero defect design product, it needs d.i.y. Lubricated service only.
  • Powered Pallet Trucks ( Material Handling Equipments)
    1. Sample purchase. 2. Electric lifting & driving. 3. It can save a lot of man power, and increase productivity. 4. 2 pcs of hydraulic lifting cylinders are built in right and left sides, it lifts very stable and much better than the single cylinder pallet truck. 5. 2 pcs of the strong castor wheels are fixed at right and left sides. This truck does not have any balance problems when turn a cycle. 6. 3 pcs of adjustable springs controlled suspension drive motor. 7. The drive motor can be moved up and down by 45mm. 8. Battery is not lifted up/down with forks, it can save a lot of electricity. 9. Reverse safety control switch protects driver. 10. The ride-on platform has gas shock absorber in-side to fold. 11. Chargers have 220v/40a, 220v/30a, 110v/40a, 110v/30a for select....

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