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    PO CHIAO INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of Woodworking Machinery and many other machines. Buyers can contact us by visiting our website or by sending request for information. There are many types of machines on my website. For more products information, please contact us soon. On the basis of introducing all kinds of talents, in the spirit of constant innovation and improving quality, with sincerity as our shield to meet the demands of clients, our factory controls quality in the process of design, production and delivery, providing good quality machines for every client. We will keep excellent quality, good reputation continuously.

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    Longer Machine has high criteria for both cutting technique and technology since our establishment. We also have highly efficient R&D team innovate our current machines all year round. And we also have a wide variety of machines with any possible cutting sizes to meet customers’ needs. All our Woodworking Machinery items are the construction of high strength casting, and have guaranty of accuracy in the process of cutting, and steady movement. In order to provide the best quality machines to our customers, all of our machines are achieved Conformity European (CE). And we are the most reliable among our customers. There is no denial that all of our customers are proud of our achievements in that we always go out of our way in exhaustive efforts to satisfy our customers’ needs.
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    Our factory was founded in 1956 to be specialized in making of various WoodWorking Machinery processing equipments for bamboo and timber. Adhering to our research and service principle, we present the full set of equipments, and instruct the processing industries of bamboo and timber to count the cost and plant programming so as to let our customer grasp the market trend. For more than 30 years, we much appreciate the support and patronage from bamboo & timber industry, thus our business record keeps on growing up stably. We will serve you with a quality, good-credit, and working hard attitude. Our goal is to open a prosperous future for the bamboo & timber industries. We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory. Please refer to our showroom about Woodworking Machines series
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    Taiwan Woodworking Machinery manufacturers and suppliers, YUNG LI HSING ELECTRIC WORKS CO., LTD. was specialized in the design and manufacture of Woodworking Machinery and other products. We seek for excellent quality, innovative research and development of products and good after sale services in the field on our machine. We have the capability and adaptability to meet and exceed the consistantly changing market. We have successfully sold our products to local market and welcome your comments and continuous support. Quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement are the responsibility of each our employee. We would like to invite you to browse the product categories and learn more information. YUNG LI HSING always the well-known manufacturer to be with you.

Standard Suppliers

  • SJR Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of radial drills, radial drilling machines, vertical drilling machines, metal working machineries, punching & shearing machines, cylinder honing machines, Woodworking machines, plastic & rubber machineries, nail making machine lines, nail making machine lines, brand-new industrial Machinery & tools, milling machines, grinding machines, power presses, hydraulic press brakes.

    Profile : radial drills

  • Goodtek Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The GOODTEK Machinery Co Ltd is the only company that manufactures Heavy-duty Double-Side Wood Planers. We have 35 years of experience in the design, special techniques and practical operations required. Since our incorporation in 1996, we have engaged in the research, development, processing, product assembly and after-service of a range of Double-Side Wood Planers. Established in 1996, a new plant was built in the Fengzhou Technology Park which greatly expanded our scale of production in 2012. At this time our series includes the following models: GTM-1020W, HS-635ARD, GT-635ARD, GT-610A, GT-610B, GT-400B, GT-400S, GT-400R and GT-400J. These models all have the same common characteristics of high efficiency and suitability for all heavy-duty planing operations in wood production factories....

    PRO RICHYOUNG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer for Teach-in CNC lathes for more than 10 years and have been doing the Machine Tools business 35 years. Besides the lathes, we are also selling Milling machines, Machining centers, Tapping centers, Drilling machines, Grinding machines, All kind of sawing machines, EDM, Metal working machines, Plastic injection molding machines, Wood working machines, Machine Tool accessories, Air tools, etc. So, we have a long time experience and good reputation in this business field. Besides, we do well on the services and technical problems. Our after-sales services are very well and efficient, such as spare parts delivery, technical problems response, etc. Also, we get very good feedbacks from our customers "for soonest response". In...
  • Haoqiang Woodworking Mechanical Equipment Factory

    Founded in the eighties, Haoqiang Woodworking mechanical equipment Factory is a sizable enterprise of Woodworking Machinery manufacture industry of lunjiao, Shunde, where is the hometown of Woodworking Machinery of South China, with abundant technical force, advanced production technology, rich manufacture experience and perfect before-sales and after-sales service. Haoqiang has observed the operation principles of best quality and high reputation and kept introducing advanced processing and detecting equipments to keep improving the quality of product since its incorporation. Haoqiang polishing machine, the dominant product of Haoqing, is composed of special processed mainshaft, imported conveyer belt, computer auto control system, featured with more reasonable and convenient new design....

    Profile : wide belt sanders

  • Tailong Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1995,Tailong Hardware and Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in suppling and manufacturing industrial products like casting parts, gratings, wood-working machines and machine tools. While Tailongrise International Co., Ltd is doing all the import and export business related in this field. Various castings are poured according to customer's drawings or samples. Precision components and parts are machined with our CNC machine tools for different use. Woodworking machines and machine tools are made and assembled according to market requirements. As business grows, Tailong has also invested in different foundries and Machinery works in the form of currency or equipments. This has enlarged our production capacity. QUALILTY, QUICK SERVICE and COMPETITIVE PRICE are the rules we use in...

    Profile : grating

  • Shandong Baishengyuan Group Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Baishengyuan Group Co., Ltd. (former Weihai Woodwo rking Machinery Plant) is located in beautiful coastal city “weihai”. It is a large professional enterprise groups which integrates research and development 、production 、sales Woodworking Machinery, it is the first batch of enterprises won licen sed for direct import and export by the state government. After several decades of development, it always adheres to the in dependent innovation and scientific development way. Now leading products and auxiliary products follow the market demand and upg rade unceasingly. Specializing in the production of various professional plywood, floor substrates and construction templates complete production lines. Equipments are also exported to dozens of countries in Asia,Eu rope,Africa and Amercia....

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    Founded in 1991, Yager Gear has been mainly designing and manufacturing top quality spiral bevel gears based on the guideline of the US Gleason Standard. We have high appreciation of designing and manufacturing field. In recent years, CNC has driven whole market. Our CNC cutting machine will have Quality to be become much stable from the consistency of Design, Manufacture, and Inspection. Mr. Yang who is our President has imported Klingelnberg’s equipment from Germany. Now both of the Top system of Gleason and Klingelnberg can be used well to meet customer’s requests. Yager produces professional spiral bevel gears which can be used in Power tool, Pneumatic tool, Reducing gear box, Yacht, Sewing machine, Airplane, Agricultural Machinery, Powered turret, Bike, Vehicle, Fish tool, and Various...

    A World-class 4-side Moulder Manufacturer As any parent would know, moulding young minds into happy and successful adults requires constant nurturing, care and love. 30 years ago, Taiwan was like an economic child - quite poor and under-developed. Now, the country has blossomed into mighty financial strength that can stand tall and proud on the world's stage. Leadermac has followed the same path. Through continuous concern, the company can now also be recognized as a world leader, moulding the future internationally for better lives everywhere. Thirty years ago, when Leademac started designing and manufacturing 4-side moulders, our commitment was to offer the best possible machines to help customers stay competitive. Through years of effort, Leadermac has grown steadily to become a world-class...

    Sheng Yu Machinery Co., Ltd., as former Sheng Feng Machinery Co., Ltd., has cultivated in the professional field of woodwork machines, and it’s experienced in manufacturing and marketing for both domestic and abroad for several years. Due to the change of market demands, we’ve expanded the realm from manufacturing various woodwork machines to developing metallic (surface) processing machines. For example, a variety of aluminum material (heat sink) and aluminum extruding equipment for cutting and sawing, all sort of processing machines for metallic surface fur and hairline, automatic or manual surface processing machine from dry to wet grinding, which can be applied to metallic materials such as aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum magnesium alloy…etc. The industry categories we...

    With SHENKO'S broad range of 4-side moulder, you can make sure any part will be produced precisely and fast. No matter how complex it may be. SHENKO'S 4-side moulders are rigorously engineered, built and tested for maximum dependability of operations year after year, that bring you top quality, structural stability and high accuracy. Profitable operation is assured for years. We have outstanding moulding technology experience-a special background that is at your service to help achieve maximum productivity at lower production cost. At SHENKO, we blend quality, service, experience and latest technology to ensure that our moulding machines measure up to your rlgorous standards. So look into SHENKO, and get the answers you've been looking for.

Products Catalog

  • Wood Working Machines
    1. Universal circular saw. 2. Application: panel cutting, square milling angle milling and chamfer milling. 3. Fit for aluminum frame, aluminum extrusion, brass, plastic plate, honeycomb board, wood and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Wood Working Machines( Carving Machines)
    Craving Machine The operator fixes the template on the middle shaft, both ends. Install the cutter on the spindle. The opei along the template for 360 carve capacity.
  • Heavy Duty Wide Belt Sanders (Wood Working Machines)
    1. Designed according to customers' demands & needs. 2. Superior quality, excellent function.
  • JIH-18C CE Standard Wood Working Sawing Machines
    1. To operate the machine, simply treadle on the foot switch, the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation. 2. Concealed sawblade performs upward cutting. Single or multiple workpieces can be cut simultaneously. 3. Choice of left side or right side 4. According to work piece type to adjust the clamping height and cutting speed a chieve superior cutting performance.
  • JIH-20 CE Wood Working Machines: Sawing machine
    1. To operate the machine, simply treadle on the foot switch, the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation 2. Concealed sawblade perfonns upward cutting. Single or multiple workpieces can be cut simultaneously. 3. While cutting, the oil mist splashes automatically for cooling and lubrication 4. Cutting feed is driven by a air/hydraulic combination cylinder for extremely stable cutting speed.
Information about Wood Working Machine

Woodworking machines are used to fashion raw wood materials into various materials and semifinished products (beams, boards, plywood, shavings, and slabs), parts of articles and structural members (for furniture, agricultural machinery, railroad cars, and ships), and finished products (furniture, windows, doors, parquet, building floors, containers, skis, musical instruments, and office supplies).

Woodworking machines are classified according to the type of work performed as woodcutting, bending, assembly, cementing, and finishing machines. Woodcutting machines are the most widespread in the woodworking industry. Using different woodcutting tools, a certain part is separated from the wood on these machines in order to produce blanks, parts, or products of predetermined size and shape, with the required surface quality. Wood is cut by sawing, milling, planing, drilling, grooving, grinding, peeling, and polishing. The shavings may be either the waste material or the product (for example, veneer from the paring process of thin slabs from dustless cutting). Cutting without shavings occurs during cleaving (wood-splitting machines), veneer cutting (shears), die cutting (plywood-mending machines), and crushing (crushing and chopping machines).

Sawing is performed with saws whose motion is reciprocating, rotary, or rectilinear. Milling is done with rotary cutters (rectilinear blades or profile cutters), and planing is performed on planers with fixed cutting blades (in which case the blank moves) or reciprocating blades, which shear away a thin surface layer of wood. Drilling and grooving (mortising) are performed with special drills on drilling, drilling-slotting, and mortising machines. Grooving is usually done with a mortising tool for making holes in wood, primarily for tenon joints. During the turning process, shavings of an even thickness are removed from the surface of a rotating body. Peeling is the spiral reaming of a cylinder into a thin strip (veneer sheet). It is analogous to the radial feeding phase of the turning process but is accompanied by pressing of the shavings (veneer) and takes place after the preliminary steaming of the wood being worked. In wood polishing, granules of abrasive materials serve as cutters. Crushing is done in rotary and disk crushing or chopping machines to produce industrial chips for paper mills from waste materials of the woodworking industry (edgings and slabs). Such machines pulverize the waste pieces by means of blades mounted on a shaft or by metal plates attached to the machine’s rotor.

According to the woodworking method (which is characterized by the type of cutting process used, the cutting-tool design, and the nature of the starting material), a distinction is made among woodworking machines that operate by sawing, milling, planing, drilling, lathing, peeling, turning, polishing, and crushing. According to specialization, woodworking machines are classified as general-purpose machines, which are widely used in various branches of the national economy, and special-purpose machines, for work performed only in certain industries. Multipurpose machines (multiple-unit and all-purpose lathes) are usually used in small shops. Multiple-unit machines have several independently operating spindles mounted on a common stand, and universal machines are equipped with one spindle, to which various tools may be attached. Multispindle automatic and semiautomatic machines, multiunit machines, transfer lines, and lathe-combines, which simultaneously or consecutively perform several operations on the piece being worked, constitute a separate group. Transfer lines are commonly used in large specialized enterprises. Woodcutting machines, particularly rotary saws, band saws, milling machines, and grinders) have high cutting speeds (20-60 m/sec; sometimes 100 m/sec and higher). Because of the great cutting speeds, the operating shafts of many types of machines have rotation speeds of 3,000-6,000 rpm, and copying (profile) milling machines have speeds of up to 30,000 rpm.

Machines with reciprocating tools (gang mills and veneer slicers) have lower cutting speeds (usually not more than 7-8 m/sec). Woodcutting machines usually have mechanical feeds (up to 100 m/min). Most machines are equipped with individual electric drives with a power of 0.5-200 kilowatts. Hydraulic and pneumatic drives, photorelays, high-frequency currents (100-400 hertz), and remote controls are widely used on modern lathes and automatic transfer lines.

Bending machines give the wood the required shape by bending without disrupting the bonds between the wood particles. The work of joining separate pieces into units and products is performed on assembly benches. Different assembly benches exist for assembling pieces for cementing, and for making tenon, wood-screw, dowel, nail, and clasp joints. Cementing benches are equipped with rubber-covered rollers or brush, disk, rolling, or spraying devices. Finishing benches are designed for painting the products and applying decorative and protective coatings to their surfaces, as well as for processing the coatings (polishing and buffing). Colors are applied on machines with rollers; decorative, lacquer, and protective coatings are applied on special lacquer-pouring machines or on lines with the use of spray pouring. Grinding machines, usually of the band (multiband pass-through) type, are used to grind and polish the surfaces of the articles just before the lacquer coat is applied; the surfaces of the article are buffed on roller machines, and sometimes by means of pads. The most efficient and commonly used roller machines have rollers that are assembled from special cotton disks.

source: Encyclopedia

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