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200Den Anti-Varix High Elastic Knee Silk Socks

anti varix high elastic knee silk

  • Model No: JG-2810
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Features of compression socks: Effective medical support compression stockings (compression socks)
1. 200 Den lycra pressure and parts knit: 3 parts of gradually decreasing compression, lessening from ankle to the end.
2. Moderate Compression Socks help relieve tired, aching, and fatigued legs.
(1) Compression socks help improve swollen ankles and legs.
(2) Compression socks help prevent varicose vein and venous thrombosis.
(3) Compression socks Help improve and enhance blood circulation.
3. Keep in well-shape, anti-bacteria, odor, and mold beautiful shape naturally.
4. 200Den varicose vein elastic knee high silk socks, compression stockings, healthy stockings, medical stockings.

Specification :

1. Specification: (1) Size: free (suitable for 22~24cm). (2) Color: black / skin. (3) Contents: 75% nylon / 25% lycra . 2. For: (1) People who stand for long time (ex. Care workers). (2) People who have varix. (3) People whose foot is easy fatigue. (4) People who want to mold the perfect curves of leg. 3. Directions: (1) Roll up your socks and put on from toes firstly, and then roll up to heels and malleolus. (2) Please remember to make sure your toes and heels on the right position. 4. Care: (1) Please wash it by hand with the water which temperature is below 30℃. Prevent to wash it with other clothes. (2) Please wash it with mild soap or washing liquid which do not has bleach or chlorine. (3) Do not use any bleach. (4) Use hand to wash it softly. Do not dry clean and ironing. After washing, please do not use drier. Use towel to absorb water. Let it dry naturally. 5. Warning: (1) If there is any uncomfortable when wearing our product, please stop wearing it and go to see a doctor immediately. (2) It is personal using product. We won't accept the return of goods if the goods were took off the seal.

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