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    Taiwan Yarn Manufacturers and Supplier, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation is one of the Yarn Manufacturer. Excellent Quality, Best Service, Profession, and Sincerity are the positive feedbacks earned from our clients. They help us to blend the positive images in the market for all of our product ranges and furthermore, they are always our promises to all of our worldwide clients. We will be in a sound position to provide clients with the highest performance on our products and enable us to share the fruits of success with you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our company a better supplier and an improved partner to your business. 100% Quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end.

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    Founded in 1976, HerMin Textile vows to follow our founder’s belief and carry on the relentless pursuit of producing sustainable yet functional fabrics. In addition to our persistence in acquiring innovative material for weaving, we strive to find new sources of environmental-friendly Yarn solutions. Our latest project, “The Natural Laboratory”, is about studying the science of bionics and transfer functional attributes into natural or sustainable fabrics. Abiding to highest sustainable standards, our factory is GOTS 5.0 and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Recent years, the R&D emphasis has been shifted to functional and sustainable research to ensure our products better performances, and our clients better stories. Versatility is our edge. We are considered the solution provider for our clients.

Standard Suppliers

  • Long Round Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufcturer of knitting band, high speed knitting and reflecting Yarn, piping band, elastic cord, reflecting band and decorative band, knitting rope, colored lace, silk lace, elastic rope.
  • Ningbo Xinshun Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of microfiber cloth( micro fiber cloth), microfiber towels, microfiber bath items, microfiber fabric, microfiber Yarn, pluch, polyestr fiber, etc. Productions have been export to USA, Europe, Korea, Japan.

    Profile : microfiber cloth

  • Ningbo Green-Textile Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of microfiber superior cleaning cloth, microfiber shining cleaning cloth, microfiber Yarn, microfiber mitts & mop, etc. The company has achieved the certification of ISO9000 and ISO2000 in 2004. Products exports to USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc.

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  • Tri Ocean Textile Co., Ltd.

    Taiwan filament/ Yarn manufacturer- Founded in 1968, Tri Ocean originated as production of various polyester textured Yarn. Now Tri Ocean is on of the leading polypropylene filament and fabric Production Company in the world. For the past four decades, Tri Ocean uphold customer on dedication, being steady and dependable in quality, continuous improvement, and nurture talent. After several expansion plans and product diversification in the continued efforts of all of our colleagues un the company. Tri Ocean has laid a solid foundation for Taiwan’s textile industry.
  • Hangzhou China Stars Reflective Material Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of reflective tape, medium/ high gloss reflective fabric, colorful reflective fabric luminous & reflective heat transfer film leather, PVC film, reflective Yarn, which have all exceed the requirements for retro reflective material (EN471:1994 standard).

    Profile : reflective tape

  • Guangdong Angte A&V Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of DVD RW media, CD RW media, CD record, sound track copy, plastic products, fancy Yarn, union Yarn, solid Yarn, bulked Yarn. It laies stress on the quality management and were ISO9001-2000 certified in Jul. 2004.

    Profile : DVD Rw media - CD RW media

  • Changshu Zhstex Fancy Yarn Factory

    Manufacture of nylon composite, feather Yarn, eyelash Yarn, twisted Yarn, tubular Yarn, tape Yarn, ladder Yarn. It was established in 1990 and the products enjoy a great popularity all over the world.

    Profile : nylon composite - nylon composite - nylon composite

  • Qingzhou City Towel Factory

    Manufacturer of facial towels, face towels, handkerchiefs, facecloth, bath towels, pajamas, twistless spinning products, bedding of plain color, Yarn-dyed, bleaching, printing, embroidery, cut pile, helical satin.

    Profile : facial towels - facial towels

  • Xiamen Wende Investment & Management Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of nylon filament, polyster filament Yarn, pp filamen Yarn, fishing twine, fishing hooks, braided threads. The group obtained iso9001:2000 and hongkong standards and testing center certificate.

    Profile : nylon filament

  • Yonghe Thermal Insulation Products Co., Ltd. 

    Yuyao yonghe sealing & thermal insulation products co.,Ltd. is an export enterprise combined with industry & trade, and has a long time over 30 years towxport. Its main products including “JINTANG” brand dust free asbestos Yarn, cloth, tape, rope of FD series wet type, asbestos products of F series dry type, e-glass fiber, c-glass fiber Yarn, cloth, tape ,rope, glass fiber alklirestant coated mesh, glass fider sleeve, ceramic fiber products, expanded graphite products, PTFE sheet rod and pure PTFE braided packing, PTFE & ramie braided packing carbon fiber braided packing, nylon rod and sheet, PP rod, ABS rod, PVC rods, compressed asbestos fiber jointing sheet, non-asbestos jointing sheet for sealing cushion. These are all fire-proof, heat-resistant, temperature-protect, insulation alkalization-resistant...

    Profile : thermal insulation

Products Catalog

  • Nylon Yarns
    Nylon filament: 1. Good thermal stability. 2. Great resistance against sun damage. 3. Supreme resistance to high temperature. 4. Outstanding tolerance to warehouse conditions. 5. Good mechanical properties. 6. Great surface cleanliness. 7. Exceptionally uniform dyeing. Nylon Textured Yarn: 1. Exceptionally uniform dyeing–stable physical and chemical properties, top dyeing quality. 2. Supreme product quality–strong manufacturing capability, high quality control standard. 3. Diversified products–functional yarns, environmentally friendly yarns. 4. Customized production─flexible production that suits customers' unique needs.
  • Bamboo Yarns
    The bamboo will release anions, The anion is named of "the vitamin in the air". It adjusts the body circulation for balancing basicity in body, suppressing oxidizing, activating cells of the body, improving metabolism, eliminating the tired at the same time.
  • Nylon 66 ATY Air Textured Yarns
    Nylon 66 ATY (nylon 66 air textured Yarn) has hairy feeling as natural cotton with characteristics of lightweight, high wear resistance and easy to clean.
  • Metallic Covered Yarn
    The MX-type is twisting at regular intervals in the form of S and Z with double nylon mono, polyester, or other type of yarns (such as 15D, 20D, 30D and 40D). Applied in knitwear, sweaters, tricots, embroideries, stockings, mesh, jerseys, accessories, and industrial purposes.
  • Flexible Graphite Yarn
    In order to manufacture different kinds of reinforced flexible graphite Yarn to be used for making different kinds of braided flexible graphite packings, we use flexible graphite as basic material, mixing with natural fiber, synthetic fiber, metal alloy wire(respectively) and proper binding agent, then through specially designed technological process. The braided packing made of these flexible graphite Yarn reinforced by different kind of fibers and metal alloy wires, are suitable for sealing under different media, circumstances, temperature and pressure. Furthermore, for using these products under severely corrosive circumstances upon the demands of customers, inhibitors of corrosion can be added into the graphite Yarn for making the properties of the graphite sealing parts more perfect.
[NEWS] Fall in exports hits cotton yarn producers hard

Cotton yarn producers face a tough time as exports have dropped and subsidies under technology upgradation fund scheme (TUFS) have been overdue for the past few months. Yarn prices too have dipped 15 per cent.

The demand for cotton yarn from China, the largest importer of Indian yarn, has slowed down since April. In April, cotton yarn exports stood at 99.92 million kg down 14 per cent against 115.96 million kg in the same month last year. According to industry insiders, exports during May to July too have been down by around four per cent from 375 million kg during the same period last year. However, official data on exports is not out yet.

“Domestic demand too is low during this time. With the decline in exports, inventories are 30 per cent higher than last year's levels. Prices too have dropped 15 per cent,” said K Selvaraju, secretary general, Southern India Mills Association.

Combed cotton yarn prices stood at Rs 221 per kg this August, down from Rs 261 in August last year and 11 per cent from February levels. Prices have been on a decline since February after cotton prices went into a bearish mode. The importers expect cotton yarn prices to soften further as the outlook on cotton prices is still bearish.

The new Chinese policy has put pressure on prices of both cotton and yarn. China has been procuring and stocking cotton from farmers in order to control prices. As per the new policy, the subsidies are directly given to the farmer and stockpiles are being cleared. Subsequently, yarn imports too have come down, said D K Nair, secretary general of Confederation of Indian Textile Industry.

“Chinese textile industry has not been growing like in previous years. Part of the manufacturing too is being outsourced to low-cost countries like Vietnam,” he said.

Meanwhile, mills have also not received interest subsidies under TUFS since December. “For investments to the tune of Rs 65,000 crore made by over 1,000 units since 2010, interest subsidy of around Rs 3,000 crore is pending. This has put further pressure on the working capital of the mills,” said Selvaraju.

source: Daily News

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