Verified Taiwan and China Sponge Manufacturers & Sponge Suppliers.

Standard Suppliers

  • Xiamen Wanli Rubber & Plastic Factory

    Manufacturer of extruded plastic, seal strip, decorative strips, pipe, vehicle seal, Sponge products, which are exported to the America, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe.

    Profile : extruded plastic

  • Ningbo Kangyi Health Products Factory

    Manufacturer of bath Sponge, bath sponges, cooler bags, travel bags, non-woven and canvas shopping bags, suit covers. All products are exported to USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and South-East Asia etc.

    Profile : bath sponge

  • YangZhou JiangHai Stationery CO., LTD.

    Manufacturer of synthetic nylon hair brushes, palettes, Sponge brushes, nylon brushes, oil painting knives, hog bristle brushes, goat hair and pony hair brushes, etc. The products have been exported to over 50 countries and regions in Europe,America,Asia and the Middle East.

    Profile : nylon brush

  • Shanghai Yuteng Trading Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Yuteng Trading Co., Ltd. is a synthesis import and export trade limited company. We pay great attention to the development and the management of High-tech product. The domain involves the chemical fiber product, the handicraft, the cosmetics, the building coating, the agricultural fertilizer, the mechanical device and so on. Since many years we keep the good credit and the stable cooperation with many customers from overseas countries and the areas. Ultra Fine Microfiber series product is new product that our company pushes grandly pushes to the domestic and foreign markets this year. Welcome to connect with us. We sincerely recruit agents and dealers of above products in China. We will provide to the customer most supply the high quality product and the good price; also may act according...

    Profile : microfiber cloth

  • Meijie Commodity Co., Ltd.

    We are a large factory specializing in developing and manufacturing such commodities as Sponge products, cleaning Sponge, scourers and PU products, car washing products, scouring pad, bath Sponge, sea sponges, car Sponge, sponge craftwork, cleaning brush and other cleaning commodities. It was established in 2001. Please don't hesitate to cooperate with us, and we sincerely expect your coming to forward to building a brilliant future together!

    Profile : scouring pad

  • Wanda Scouring Commodity Mfg.Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of scouring/cleaning commodities including scouring pad, scrubbing sponges, filtration pad, floor polishing pad. The company was founded in 1988.

    Profile : scouring pad

  • Yuanqiang Cleaning Products Factory

    YuanQiang Cleaning Products Factory is famous for high quality raw material, full range of specification and sizes, and great variety of designs and colors. It is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter for bath products, inclusive of bath sponges, cleaning sponges, cleaning cloth and so on.

    Profile : scouring pad

  • Ningbo Free Trade Zone Trust International Co., Ltd.

    NINGBO FREE TRADE ZONE Behigh INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. is specialized in various kinds of beauty & hair products together with promotion items, including cosmetic brushes, eyelash curlers, puff, manicure set, hair salon, personal care, mirrors, office stationery, game toys, etc. We have our own factory near NINGBO city which is about one hour near NINGBO international container port and three hours near shanghai port, the traffic is very convenience. Our products are mainly sold to European & America market in good quality and competitive price.With our own products designer, we can provide customized products and accept OEM order. We will develop new products continually and also will improve our service always. Warmly welcome you to visit us for cooperation based on mutual benefit and joint...

    Profile : cosmetic brushes

  • Ningbo Xinyi Cleaning Tool Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge mop, pva Sponge mops, Sponge mop, Sponge mops, pva mop, pva mops, dust pushings, twist water washes, dust brushes, window brushes. The products major market is in the U.S.A the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan region, and Hongkong.

    Profile : pva sponge mop

  • Shaoxing Gangfeng Hospital Products Co., Ltd.

    We are one of the leading manufacturers in various kinds of medical products and surgical dressings including surgical tapes, surgical adhesive tapes, surgical mask, surgical face masks, first aid kit, bandages, surgical gown, absobent cotton products, lap sponges, gauze sponges, gauze balls, medical alcohol swabstick, sterile gauze swabs & lap sponges. A quality control system ISO9002 is adopted and the certificate is approved. CE certificate is also approved. You may browse our website to learn more information about our company and products. Should any of the items be of interest to you, please let us know.

    Profile : surgical tape

  • Chain Medical Products Co., Ltd.

    a professional manufacturer of medical dressings of surgical tapes, gauze sponges, bandage, rubber elastic bandages, ABD/combine pads, non-woven sponges, lab coats & jackets. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 certificate. We are willing to go forward with customers both home and abroad, old and new, to create a brighter future.

    Profile : surgical tape

  • Jiangsu Jiele Medical Dressing Co., Ltd.

    manufacturer of kinds of medical dressing and medical supplies such as surgical tapes, surgical mask, gauze face masks, lap sponges, non-latex tourniquet, alcohol swabs, barium tape, alcohol tape, gauze balls, cohesive & gauze bandage, first aid bandages, wound dressing, lap sponges, shoe covers, disposable plastic forcepe. It has got ISO9001、ISO13485 and CE approval. We trust we can be one of your good suppliers.

    Profile : surgical tape

  • Giant Lead INC.

    Manufacturer of PVA roller, PVA rollers, PVA Sponge mop, PVA Sponge mops, cleaner, multi-purpose alumium, brushes. To ensure the consistent quality of the products, it has obtained ISO9001 Certification.

    Profile : PVA sponge mop - PVA roller

  • Shanghai Satco Small Spirit Living Wares Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge mop, pva Sponge mops, Sponge mop, Sponge mops, pva mop, pva mops, static dust mops, door hangers, extension washing poles, trolly boxes. The products have more than 20 kinds of series, saleable in domestic market and foreign market such as U.S.A., Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia etc.

    Profile : pva sponge mop

  • Rishen Cleaning Utensils Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge mop, pva Sponge mops, Sponge mop, Sponge mops, pva mop, pva mops, pva water swab, collodion swab, nip water collodion.

    Profile : pva sponge mop

  • Jixiang Zai Gift Factory

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge mop, pva Sponge mops, Sponge mop, Sponge mops, pva mop, pva mops, pva Sponge, pva sponges, rags, window wipers, flat mops, toilet brushes, clothes hangers.

    Profile : pva sponge - pva sponge mop

  • Zibo Danny Cellulose Sponge Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge, pva sponges, wood pulp sponges, latex sponges, brushes, cotton swabs, which are exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

    Profile : pva sponge

  • Goldtime Household Necessaries Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of compressed Sponge, compressed sponges, pva Sponge, pva sponges, bath Sponge, bath sponges, ction-block, pva synthetic chamois, synthetic shammy towel, sports towel, PVA Sponge roller, PVA filter, pumice sponges. The products are exported far to Southeast Asia, America and Europe.

    Profile : bath sponge - pva sponge - compressed sponge

  • Longmen Sponge Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of bath Sponge, bath sponges, matress and pillows, cleaning Sponge pads, car wash sponges, packing sponges, filter sponges, wave sponges. The company was founded in 1998.

    Profile : bath sponge

  • Jinhua Meiju Daily-use Product Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of bath Sponge, bath sponges, printed Sponge scrubbers, back scrubbers, landury bagas, inflatable bath pillows, bath slippers. The products are mainly sold to Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, H.K. and so on.

    Profile : bath sponge

  • Anhui Huishang Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of bath Sponge, bathing use, hotel use, kitchen use, cake use, cleaning, micro fibre, chemical daily use, baby daily use articles.

    Profile : bath sponge

  • Jinhua Changgong Cleaning Utensils Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of bath Sponge, bath sponges, nylon bath series, washcloth series, natural plant(fiber) bath series, kitchen cleaning, bath room fittings, plastic brushes. The company is carrying on the approval of ISO 14001 Environment Management System.

    Profile : bath sponge

  • Dongyang Huxi Duohong Christmas Arts & Craft Factory

    Duohong Christmas Arts & Craft Factory make our products designing, manufacturing & selling in a line. Our main products are christmas trees & their ornaments like bowknots, bells, Christmas socks & hats, Christmas balls & garlands with hundreds of types and different sizes avaliable. We also product bath Sponge, bath sponges, sea Sponge, chinese knots, plastic bath scrubs, bath balls. We sincerely welcome allfriends to establish business relationship with us!

    Profile : bath sponge

  • Longcom Enterprise Limited

    Manufacturer of magic towels, sports towels, bath sponges, food additives, feed additives, tyres, PVA cleaning articles, packing bags. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system.

    Profile : sports towels - bath sponge - magic towel

  • Aijia Housewares Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of magic towels, compress towels, magic pop up sponges, pocket wipes, stainless steel wipes, office wipes, auto wipes, pet wipes, wipes, soft dryer cloths, compressed products, instant hot packs, instant cold packs.

    Profile : magic sponges - magic towels

  • Yongkang Smartwell Houseware Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge mop, pva Sponge mops, Sponge mop, Sponge mops, pva mop, pva mops, clothes racks, ironing boards, ladders. It assures its products are constantly of good quality and enjoy a good reputation in such foreign markets as American, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and Holland.

    Profile : PVA sponge mop

  • Kang Fa Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of pva Sponge mop, pva Sponge mops, Sponge mop, Sponge mops, pva mop, pva mops, flat mops, steppers. The Kang Fa Brand products are quite popular in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe, Us and the Middle East for its good quality and reasonable price.

    Profile : pva sponge - pva sponge mop

  • Shenzhen Jianzhongjia Cai Polymer Products Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of sea Sponge, foam, polyester sea weed Sponge, polyester filter foam, silica gel foam, high hardness foam, auto engine headliner foam, melamine foam, active carbon filter foam, conductive foam, fire resistant foam, make-up foam, PU mould toy, memory foam, high bounce foam, consumables foam products. It has passed ISO9001-2000 International quality management system authentication, SGS environment protecting authentication, and all products comply with EU ROHS authentication.

    Profile : sea sponge

  • Dongyang Lizhong Sponge Factory

    Manufacturer of magic Sponge, magic Sponge balls, scouring Sponge, bath Sponge, packing Sponge, powder puff, PVA/ EVA/ PU Sponge series, auto scouring Sponge, ink boxes, powder puffs, multicolor curling, microphone Sponge cover, memory Sponge pillow heart, Sponge toy, sound insulation Sponge, slow elasticity Sponge, fireproof Sponge, abnormity Sponge. It has passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management Certificate and all products comply with EU ROHS authentication.

    Profile : magic sponge - sea sponge

  • Lanfung Cosmetic Products Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of make up Sponge, make up sponges, powder puff, powder brushes, blush brushes, blending brushes, concealer brushes, eyeshadow brushes, lip brushes, eyeliner brushes.

    Profile : make up sponge

  • Shenzhen Fullness Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of make up Sponge, make up sponges, cosmetic sets, cosmetic brushes, mirror & comb. The products have been sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia etc., and got so much good appraisal from our customers.

    Profile : make up sponge

  • Yue Jenging Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of abrasive cloth, abrasive paper, water proof abrasive paper, shaft flap wheel, flapdisc, abrasive cloth sheet, narrowbelt, wide belt, magic paper cloth. Established in 1984, is registered under International Organization for Standardization 9001 certification. Our commitment to constant research and development and eye for detail provide both our domestic and overseas customers with the highest quality of products. We have extensive experience in wood, stainless steel, magnesium, titanium, aluminum alloys, carbon steel tool, and non-metal applications.
  • Huashun Science Labor Trade Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of chemical anchors, point wall pieces, glue guns, saws, plastic walls, ever sherardised, stents, stair steps with anti-skid, steel cotton, Sponge tapes.

    Profile : chemical anchors

  • A.R. Medicom Asia Ltd.

    Welcome to Medicom! Medicom is a privately owned manufacturer of high quality dental and medical disposable supplies, along with a comprehensive line of oral healthcare & industrial protective products, such as bouffant caps, N95 particulate respirator masks, dust cone mask, non-woven sponges, gloves, cotton gauze, bandages, dental bibs, shoe covers, etc. By partnering with Medicom you have selected one of the most respected FDA and ISO 9002 certified manufacturers in the industry, recognized for the quality of service and product selection we provide. Our customer list, which includes various Fortune 500 companies, is a testimony of the position we occupy in the industry. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality and superior products designed to enhance their return on investment. Since...

    Profile : N95 mask

  • Shanghai Jia Huan Industry Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of thermal insulation, thermal interface materials, thermal insulation bags, aluminum film compound pearl cotton, aluminum compound woven fabrics, various kinds of Sponge compound material, aluminum film compound pearl cotton non-woven fabrics, color plastic compound woven fabrics, aluminum compound PVC and aluminum compound air pearl film.

    Profile : thermal insulation

  • Longtai ( Xiamen) Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of artificial leathers, TPU coated fabrics, TPU sheets, TPU shoe leathers, TPU tarpaulins, TPU sofa leathers, TPU Sponge leathers, PVC tarpaulin for truck covers, PVC sofa leathers, PVC cases leathers.

    Profile : artificial leathers

  • Nantong Orient Pet Co., Ltd.

    Nantong Orient Pet Co.,Ltd. has a 600 m2 office building in downtown and 4000 m2 warehouse and workshop buildings on 10,000m2 of property. In 1998, we began to concentrate on pet products for birds, cats, dogs and small animals. In 2003, we began to export aquarium products and to export supermarket equipments and warehouse shelves from June 2007. As exhibitors, we have participated in many wellknown international exhibitions such as the INTERZOO, GLOBAL PET EXPO, CIPS since 1998. One of the strong points in ORIENPET’s product line is that we have a large and wide assortment of aquarium products and pet accessories. We are checking and packaging more and more products ourselves to be able to guarantee quality levels up to the advanced standards. We also develop more and more new items. ORIENPET...

    Profile : aquarium products

  • Dafeng City Hengfeng Sponge Products Factory.

    Manufacturer of clean sponges, toilet sponges, filter products, washes the vehicle sponges.

    Profile : cleaning sponge

  • Yangzhou Shinglong Artist Brushes Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of art brush, makeup brushes, Sponge brushes, China art sets.

    Profile : art brush

  • Giant Lead Inc.

    Manufacturer of cleaning Sponge, polyvinyl acetates, auto wash sponges, glass wipers, magic towels. The products export to Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

    Profile : cleaning sponge

  • Jia Mei Commodity Company Ltd.

    Manufacturer of cleaning sponges, scouring pads, car wash series, Sponge gifts, bath series.

    Profile : cleaning sponge

  • Kunqin Sanitary Productds ( Kunsan) Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of PVA chamois, synthetic chamois, suction sheets, mops, chamois, multiuse gloves, sponges, cartoon sponges, puffs, both balls, shape sponges, anti-slip pads, car wash sets, thick suction rollers, super suction rollers.

    Profile : PVA chamois

  • Metal Titanium Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of hydride-dehydrogenated powders (HDH), C.P. titanium Sponge powders, hydride Ti powders, off-grade Ti Sponge powders and Titanium metal (scrap) powders.

    Profile : powdered metal

  • Shanghai Jiasheng Products Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of PVA chamois, dust mops, wet mops, micro-fibre mops, sweepers, floor & windows squeegees, PVA mops, all kinds of dustpan and dusters, brushes, car cleanings, pet hair pick-ups, broom windows cleaning accessories, cleaning sponges, sticky rollers.

    Profile : PVA chamois

  • Tin Hong Special Sponge Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of cleaning Sponge series, ink-box Sponge series, cellulose series, make-up Sponge series.

    Profile : cleaning sponge

  • Tonghui Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.

    Tonghui Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of activated carbon air filters. Our main products are activated carbon, activated carbon impregnated cloth, net, felt, polyurethane Sponge, extruded activated carbon honeycomb filter, photocatalytic Titanium Oxide flters and activated carbon fibre. Our new filter medias are extensively used in producing gas masks, filters for home air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, air purifiers, water purifiers, etc. Some of our products have reached international standard and are exported to Korea, USA, South-east Asia and some other countries.

    Profile : carbon fiber products

  • Ningbo Shuangshui Metal Product Co., Ltd.

    It is specialized in manufacture industrial and custom brushes designed. It is customer friendly and experienced in products such as flat type brushes, pen type brushes, bowl type brushes, machine use flat type brushes, twisted wire bowl type brushes, twisted wire cup type brushes, twisted wire flat type brushes, Sponge brushes, file wire burshes, battery brushes, nylon brushes, mini type brushes and various conbined brushes. The products are mainly exported to Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Western Europe, etc.

    Profile : tube brushes

  • Jiangmen Qianse Commodity Factory

    Jiangmen Qianse Commodity Factory is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of bath and cleaning products in China, located in jiangmen, guangdong province. New and different design is suitable to Bath, also it is the best choice for promotion, gift and new year gift. Our company is specialized in bath Sponge, mesh Sponge, bath beauty set, bath brush, scurer pad and so on.

    Profile : bath brush - bath sponge

  • Jinhua Meiju Family-use Products Co., Ltd.

    Jinhua Meiju Family-use Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter of various bath & bathroom products. Our products are mainly sold to Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, H.K. and so on.

    Profile : animal-bath series - sponge block series

  • Shanghai Kepu Industries Co., Ltd.

    Engaged in the research of wire wheel brush, wire wheel brushes, Sponge scourers, bath sponges, brushes, washing bags, vacuum compressed bags, stainless steel scrubbers, dusters, our products have passed ISO 9000/ 9001/ 9004/ 19011: 2000 certification, our mainly export market is North America, Eastern Asia, Western Europe.

    Profile : wire wheel brush

  • Zhejiang Superclean Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

    Our company specializes in producing various styles of mop and accessories of mop. We have more than ten years of experience. We produce all kinds of mop, such as PVA Sponge mop, microfibre mops, cotton yarn mop、window wiper、squeegee and so on.

    Profile : microfibre mop series - fold mop series - patent mop series

  • Zhejiang Yida Abrasive Co., Ltd.

    Engaged in the research of tube brush, tube brushes, steel wire brushes, emery wheels, sand paper, resin sand wheels, fibre discs, wire brushes, steel brushes, abrasive discs, sanding Sponge blocks, cup brushes, polishing discs, Velcro sandings, cup brushes with shaft, circular brushes, battery brushes, chimney brushs, abrasive discs, sanding pads, grinding wheels, we have already passed the assessment of ISO9001 quality system, our mainly export market is North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe.

    Profile : tube brush

  • Zhejiang Limu Cleaning Products Co., Ltd.

    Limu Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. with competitive price, high quality, excellent service and the ability of developping new products, has enjoyed great popularity in home and foreign customers. And the products such as stainless steel scrubber, cleaning Sponge, mop head and bath glove are widely sold to international market such as Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast of Asia, Russia and etc.

    Profile : brush series - cleaning sponge - poly box\weaving balls

  • Wuyi South Cleaning Tools Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2003, we have set up a strong team with more than 150 staff. Owing to advanced technology and top-grade quality, our products are warmly welcomed by customers. The main products such as PVA mops, micro-fiber mops, cotton mops, woven mops, window squeegees and so on.

    Profile : floor mops series - cotton mops series - PVA mops series

  • Ningbo East Cleaning Tool Co., Ltd.

    Engaged in the research of cleaning tool manufacturer, cleaning tool manufacturers, mops, brushres, water flow brushes, car cleaning tools, window squeegees, floor squeegese, telescopic poles, dusters, sponges, nonwoven cloths, flat mops, wet mops, spray mops, aluminum handles, twist mops, our products have passed ISO 9000, 9001, 9004, 19011: 2000, our mainly export market is North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe.

    Profile : cleaning tool manufacturer

  • Zhejiang Kangfa Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

    Engaged in the research of cleaning tool manufacturer, cleaning tool manufacturers, PVA mops, flat mops, magic cleaning cloths, PVA sponges, mop head refills, our mainly export market is North America, Eastern Europe, Mid East, Western Europe.

    Profile : cleaning tool manufacturer

  • Foshan Gaoming Feilong Plastic Co., Ltd.

    Foshan Gaoming Feilong Plastic Co., Ltd. is the first PVC synthetic leather manufacture in Gaoming town, Foshan city. Its predecessor is Gaoming second plastic factory which was establish in 1986. For 18 yesrs, we have been exporting our products worldwide, especially to China local market, Mid East and Africa.

    Profile : PVC sponge leathers

  • Gaoming Junteng Plastic Co., Ltd.

    Gaoming Junteng Plastic Co., Ltd. is professional in producing all kinds of PVC thin membrane, composite membrane, PVC cloth-basic imitation leather. The products are widely used in industry package, sofa, suitcase, shoes, travel bag, etc. The company has advanced craftwork, strong technology, reliable quality and the first class credit.

    Profile : PVC sponge leathers

  • Foshan City Gaoming Sunraise Plastic Co., Ltd.

    Foshan City Gaoming Sunraise Plastic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in PVC flooring, PVC artificial leather, PVC tarpaulins, PVC transparent sheets, PVC table cloths, PVC anti slip mats, PVC doormats and PVC placemats. We offer on time delivery, correctly filled orders, and competitive pricing.

    Profile : PVC sponge leathers

  • Xiamen Xingzhi Electron Industry Co., Ltd.

    Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in exploiting and manufacturing electric rubber. It has been producing silicon electric rubber, airproof rings, Sponge foot mat (EVA), Rubber foot mat (SBR),key-presses and precise rubber fittings over a long period of time and imported new technology & advanced equipment consistently in recent years. Importing main equipment from abroad and adopting Computer Aided Design for mold, the Co. has owned Numerical Control Process Centre (CNC), Computer Discharging Processor and Electric Spark Cutter. With 24 hours' operation, silk-screen, auto spray infrared oven and high precise testing apparatus, it carries out ISO9002 Quality Control Process strictly from mould exploiting, materials' inspection to each step of process.

    Profile : gamma seals

  • Yuangguang Polishing Material Factory

    Our factory owns a rich technical resources and advanced production process by which quality of products keeping a high intensity and abrasion resistance can be gained to reach the advanced standard in same kind of products. The abrasive materials and tools produced in our factory involve semi-resin paper-and cloth-based and resin, water-proof abrasive band and roll, polishing wheel and all sorts of grinding tools with different form and materials. The products are widely used in grinding and polishing process in the fields of iron and steel, building materials, ship, aviation, timber and plastic industries.

    Profile : abrasive belts

  • Fuyang D&T Industry Co., Ltd.

    Fuyang D&T Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Sponge cutter, EPS cutter, PU foam cutter etc. Our company takes advantage of a long experience achieved in foam industry, in a continuous technological research and in an accurate study of materials and new technology, so we can produce suitable cutting machine for you.

    Profile : rebar cutters

  • Shenzhen Lanfung Cosmetic Accessories Manufactory

    Manufacturer of kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, cosmetic brushes, make up brushes, makeup brushes, cosmetic sponges, export to North America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Western Europe.

    Profile : kabuki brushes

  • Anhui Medihel Co., Ltd.

    Anhui Medihel Co., Ltd. is an import and Export Company, dealing in Chinese Herbal Medicines, Plant Extract, Chinese Medicines, and Western finished Medicines, Surgical Dressing, Medical Instruments, Hospital Equipment and Light Industrial Daily-use Products with more than 10 years' experience in these fields and markets all over the world. Its former is Anhui Medicines & Health products Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Most of the products are CE or ISO certified.

    Profile : cotton balls

  • Nanjing Winice Trade Co., Ltd.

    Nanjing Winice Trade Co., Ltd. is an innovative Medical Products trading company. Our import and export business covers a wide range of products, including: a full array of medical supplies and health care products. For example, surgical face mask, laryngeal mask, suction catheter, gauze Sponge, oxygen nasal cannula. Winice's primary mission is to provide the highest quality products and cost effective solution to health care provides worldwide while enhancing the quality of patient care. These cost management efforts focus primarily on the supply chain and encompass a range of strategies. Winice passed ISO13485 certificate of the system of quality certification and have got the CE ceitification already. Our work team is dedicated to provide our clients with the highest quality. In order to...

    Profile : cotton balls

  • Nantong Jiangchao Fiber Products Co., Ltd.

    Our company has now 360 employees, which has 2 Doctors, and more than 30 senior engineers and scientific researchers; we have strong technical research strength and innovation ability. The company covers an area of 44000 square meters. We now have total assets of 68 million Yuan, among which fixed assets 26.6 million Yuan and current funds 40 million Yuan. We have international and internal advanced equipment and automatic production lines. The production is organized in accordance with international advanced standards and we have passed the ISO9001 and ISO13485 Quality System Certification. As a cooperative partner of China textile and scientific research institution, Nantong Jiangchao Fiber Products Co., Ltd. has successfully researched and developed world-advanced super macromolecule absorbent...

    Profile : cotton balls

  • Taizhou Zhi-long Medical Dressing Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1991, Taizhou Zhi-long Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock Co., Ltd. We are a manufacture of professional medical dressing for many years ago. The main product has gauze swabs, gauze rolls, gauze balls, gauze bandage, triangular bandage, military medical kits, cast padding bandage & emergency blanket .etc. Our company has been in this line of business for many years, due to the good quality of product, been regarded as the most reliable firm by our customers. Based on the company’s tenet of “Good Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Service-oriented”. Zhi-long Company provides reliable products and satisfying service to you and share the brilliant future.

    Profile : cotton balls

  • Xinxiang HBM Piaoan Medical Dressings, Inc.

    HBM Piaoan Medical Dressing. Inc was founded in Henan China between HBM USA Group and the Henan Piaoan Group. HBM (Piaoan) is absorbed in manufacturing and developing medical devices, Such as absorbent gauze, absorbent cotton, non-woven products, etc. We own clean workshops of 300,000 class which are suitable enough for production, the most advanced Auto-product line and per-wash, drying, EO sterilize, steam sterilize, Blister packing, paper packing and quality test equipment, and there are high-class technicians, including medical engineering experts and medical dressing engineer. We are accomplished in the operational process which is from product design to final users in hospital. Our product is manufactured according to the ISO9001.13485 Certificate and also achieve CE, FDA certificate....

    Profile : cotton balls

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