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    Taiwan Jacquard Machine manufacturer & supplier- Wellmade Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional of designing, manufacturing, trail run and factory superior well-experienced in knitting machines since 1982. With a unique focus on consumer insights and market trends, our expertise and capabilities reach across a wide range of product categories, including Jacguard Knitting Machines, embroidery Machine, tacking machinery, Jacquard Machine, hosiery machines, etc. In order to upgrade the standardization of accessory, for the precise interchangeability, we computerize the whole process of design and manufacture. By the quality of international standard, we can compete with all developed countries in the world and must be your better partner. Please contact us if you are interested.

Standard Suppliers

  • Hangzhou Qiguan Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of weaving loom, rapier loom, Jacquard rapier loom, towel rapier loom, glass fiber loom, two-for-one twister, computer-controlled winder, warping Machine and high speed winder. In 2001 the company have passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate.

    Profile : weaving loom

  • Shanghai Fuliang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of weaving loom, computer Jacquard ribbon loom, computer crochet label weaving Machine, label and ribbon.

    Profile : weaving loom

  • Yantai Longyu Trade Co., Ltd.

    From 2003, we are mainly specialized in exporting all kinds of knitting Machine, gloves making equipments, knitting needles ( including circular needles, flat needles...), sewing needles and knitting Machine spare parts. We promise that we can offer high quality products and best service for all our buyers & partners. We hope sincerely that we can establish a long term business relationship in future. Please feel free to visit our website & contact with us for more sewing machines information.

    Profile : knitting needles

  • Taizhou Tiansheng Knitting Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

    combining research, design, production and selling in the knitting machinery & accessories, Tiansheng Knitting Machinery Industry could provide quality knitting machines, wool weaving machines, seaming machines, glove machines, sewing needles, sewing Machine needles, needles, rib needles, knitting fittings, wool weaving fittings. Welcome to send inquires for more information if you are interested in our products.

    Profile : knitting needles - sewing needles

  • Jinjiang Fuhong Light Industry Weave Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of circular knitting machines, textiles, high speed single universal knitting machines, double-semi Jacquard knitting machines. The products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas as well as Southeast of Asian, Europe and America. The enterprise has already passed ISO9001, ISO14001 of the international quality and environmental protection system certification.

    Profile : circular knitting machines

  • Baiyang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of terry circular knitting machines, single jersey circular knitting machines, single three-thread fleece knitting machines, double knit pattern wheel knitting machines, rib knitting machines, full electronic double Jacquard knitting machines, single 46 color auto strippers, flat knitting machines, computerized embroidery machines, parts.

    Profile : terry circular knitting machines

  • Shishi City Huixing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of circular knitting machines, high speed single and double mini knitting machines, computerized electronic Jacquard single & double knitting Machine series, computerized single knitting Machine with auto-strippers, high speed single terry knitting machines, high speed three-end fleece single knitting machines, high speed universal double knitting machines, high speed universal single knitting machines, single jersey computer Jacquard cylinders, single jersey cylinders, single jersey joint style cylinders, single jersey mini-cylinders, double jersey cylinders, double jersey computer Jacquard cylinders.

    Profile : circular knitting machines

  • Youfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of high performance single jersey fleece circular knitting machines, common knitting machines, Jacquard knitting machines, auto-colored knitting machines, terry machines, single loop pile pattern wheel Jacquard knitting machines, pattern wheel Jacquard single knitting machines, rib knitting machines, Jacquard knitting machines, double-faced high-speed circular looms, single-faced high-speed small circular looms.

    Profile : high performance single jersey fleece circular knitting machines

  • Zhangzhou Weixiang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of circular knitting machines, knitting machines, high-speed and double-faced multi-function knitting machines, high speed& high production double knit universal circular knitting machines, single-faced and four-track big-bobbin knitting machines, two-sided Jacquard looms, single Jacquard looms, open width take down machines, high-speed rib knitting machines, high speed and single-faced knitting machines, pattern wheels Jacquard single knit circular knitting machines, one-sided three-level pleeturm dobby looms.

    Profile : circular knitting machines

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