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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    K. Yih Chern Corp. Co., was established in 1979, that are used to cooperate with international trading corporation, dedicated to research and produce variety of Clamshell Packaging products. We mainly produce Clamshell Packaging and etc Clamshell Packaging products that are selling very well all over the world. Our products are of exquisite quality and design with remarkable reputation. Our monthly productivity was up to 1 million pieces. From 1985, we started to design the inner side of the Clamshell Packaging for the Christmas glass decorations and ceramic productions in order to reduce the damage rate of goods to zero during the transportation. Within 1985 to 1990, we received orders for 20 or 30 containers per year. We believe we will be your good business partner. Don’t hesitate to contact...
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Shang Yun Industrial Co. Ltd. is one of a Clamshell Packagings manufacturer. Shang Yun achieved ISO9001 certification and have put the worldwide process and quality standard into practice for consistent quality performance. Our dedicated engineers and testing facilities review processes at every step, looking for ways to increase the quality and reliability of our Clamshell Packaging products. We hope to continue to improve our service and support even further, making every customer feel like a part of Shang Yun family. If you are interest our products, contact us, we will offer you the best price and superior high quality. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Taiwan Manufacturer and Supplier of Clamshell Packaging, HandyHuang Guan Plastic Co., LTD. was founded in 2003. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of product management that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Taiwan Exporter of Clamshell Packagings. We are recognized as one of the leading traders in this sector due to our capability to supply impeccable products to our customers. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Taiwan Packaging Manufacturer & Packaging Material MAnufacturer. Yaopack Enterprise is a professional manufacturer of trays, lids, food containers, Clamshell Packaging, general merchandise Packaging containers from PP, PS, OPS, PET, PVC, materials with vacuum thermoforming for food container, stationery, toy, gift, electronic parts packing services, etc.. For your special request, Yaopack offer the satisfied service from design, sampling, tools development and manufacturing for you. We are confident that we can supply the output that our customers desire. Our features is small or large orders, high quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery and good service. Contact us now!
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    FormPaks is a Taiwan-based Packaging specialist. We supply Clamshell Packaging, thermoformed plastic materials and packing, and also develop and manufacture production molds and prototypes. Over a span of 15 years, we have established ourselves as a global leader in innovative custom thermoforming Packaging. We have all techniques of Packaging and in house molding in Taipei, Taiwan. Additionally, we have allocated different product lines in China, where are Wuxi, Shanghai and ShenZhen. With the separated production lines, we can fulfill not only international delivery but also China local delivery. Due to our excellent quality, good management system and superior customer service, we have already enjoyed a long-lasting good reputation in this field market.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Wan Jeou Pyng was established more than 30 years ago as a professional manufacturer in Taiwan Packaging industry. Clamshell packing is relatively common, but even common methods can benefit from a fresh and professional approach. Based on our expertise and innovative technology, our Clamshell Packaging designs are now used by leading companies in the electronics, electric machinery, computer, chemicals, cosmetic, auto parts, gardening, architecture, food industry and much more. In order to maintain our leadership position in this field, we continuously seek to improve every aspect of our operations. We work hard to make sure all our products are 100% good quality. If you need a reliable supplier of quality Clamshell Packaging, Wan Jeou Pyng is your beast choice.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Shenzhen Renhe Plastics Co.,Ltd. is one of a professional manufacturer and exporter of Clamshell Packaging. Shenzhen Renhe has confidence in supplying customers with the highest quality Clamshell Packagings and also specializes in providing other services. Our philosophy has always been to strive for a balance between bold innovation and constant improvement-between fluid adaptability and utmost concentration on details. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and customer service and welcome new challenges. For your better understanding of our company, please pay a visit on this website.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    RichMech is a specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply variety of Packaging machines and Clamshell Packaging for the nutritional, personal care, household products, food & beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Product ranges include tablet presses, capsule filling machines, labeling equipment, Clamshell Packaging and more. Our integrity, professionlism, innovation and expertise earned us the respect and credibility to work with any size of company in North America, South America, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, West Indies and Australia. Our vast experience and expertise in this area allows us to delivery a variety of high quality products and service. We also offer complete bottling system design and line integration services....
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    YI SHEN PLASTIC was founded in 1983 and specialized in the manufacture of plastic vacuum forming products and supplies full range of high quality disposable packing materials, such as drinking cups, lids, spoons, fresh food plates, bowls, Clamshell Packaging, lunch boxes and various food containers. In 2005, we participated in the manufacture process of implementing PLA, the environment-friendly material so as to carry out the eco-friendly packing materials and create better living standard and environment. Currently we have three factories and are one of the largest Clamshell Packaging manufacturers in Taiwan. In the future, we aim and commit to provide high quality and competitive price products to satisfy the needs of food Packaging. For more information about our Clamshell Packaging item,...
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    As a specialist of plastic extrusion, Marathon provides a series of plastics Packaging products, such as Vacuum Forming Processing, HIPS Sheets for Plastics Package, PP Sheets for Plastics Package, HDPE Sheets for Plastics Package, Clamshell Packaging, LDPE Sheets for Plastics Package, and ABS Sheets Sheets. With years experience in this field, our products serve many industry, such as food Packaging, electronics Packaging, cosmetics Packaging, hardware Packaging, medical Packaging, stationery and other fields. We look forward to serving you in all of your Vacuum Forming Processing needs, and we welcome your questions, your comments, and your business. Contact us today to begin sourcing.

Products Catalog

  • Clamshell Packaging For Vegetables
    1. Made of recycle or biodegradable materials. 2. Includes PLA, PET, PS and PP material. 3. Widely used in promotion for fruit, food, and other similar products.
  • Electronic Clamshell Packagings
    1. Electronics Clamshell, made of PET, available in various sizes and shapes. 2. Suitable for packing various kinds of electronic products, semi-finished products, components, etc.
  • PET ESD Clamshell Packagings
    1. Blister clamshells and blister coverings with a card paper inserted in the back. 2. Material: PVC or PET. 3. Good Transparency and brightness . 4. Application fields: electronic Packaging, gift and craft packing and stationery items.
  • Cake Clamshells
    PET material 6 cavities Clamshell for cake.
  • Memory Stick Clamshell
    1. Ideal for packing memory sticks. 2. Excellent design, precision mould, Anti-static or Conductive materials will make our packing products very well protect your products as well as showcase them to its maximum.
  • Tri-Folds Clamshell Packagings
    1. Electroform weld use. Protection mirror. Helmet. Three breaks packing box). 2. Plastic thermoforming Packaging: good transparency and brightness. Our products can be widely used in the Packaging of hardware, cosmetic, hardware, toy, gift, handicrafts, medical care and electronic products.
  • Tri-Folds Clamshell Packagings
    1. Electroform weld use. Protection mirror. Helmet. Three breaks packing box). 2. Plastic thermoforming Packaging: good transparency and brightness. Our products can be widely used in the Packaging of hardware, cosmetic, hardware, toy, gift, handicrafts, medical care and electronic products.
  • Dumpling Clamshells
    PET material dumpling Clamshell for refrigerator.
  • Clamshell Packaging For Medical Instruments
    1. Material: PET, PP, PS. 2. Medical inner Blister with a box is good way to pack and stock any kinds of pharmaceutical and medical categories. 3. Available for all kinds of medical products.
  • Medical Clamshell Packagings
    1. Material: PET, PP, PS. 2. Made via vacuum-formed sheet. 3. Available for all kinds of medical products.

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