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    Dynapak Plastics Inc. was established in 1987. Our business items are mainly the production of the professional PVC Shrink Films and Heat Shrink Films. We consider the high efficiency and quality as our management doctrine to serve customers, and keeps on improving in raw materials and technology, so it is no wander that the products have passed the U.S.A FDA standard testing of SGS, and have satisfied the customers in a highest degree. In resent years, we have been trying our hard ceaselessly to develop and produce the PETG Shrinkable Film that has the ability of environmental protection, and we hope that the packages of the products in the future will be more delicate and more favorable to the environment. Any further inquiry about Shrink Films, please don't hesitate to contact to us.

Products Catalog

  • PVC Shrinkable Films And Centerfolds
    1. Served as the packing shrinkable Film of paper-made boxes (cases), plastic bottles, toys, hardware, vitreous bottles, steel jars. 2. PVC shrinkable Film and centerfold.
  • PVC Shrinkable Labels
    1. Served as the shrinkable Film of the plastic, vitreous and steel products that are cased by bottles or jars. 2. Clear-cut and transparent, of high quality, and easy to process and press.
  • Polyolefin Shrink Films
    POF Shrink Film main use is very width, it can be use in packing various products, like cup noodle, books, can products, paper carton outside packing, microwave food packing, milk bottle packing. The POF is Polyolefin abbreviation, so it also call Polyolefin Shrink Film and it is no pollution, no poison products. For above reason, have a lot of company, factory in use POF Shrink Film to pack their products.
  • POF Shrink Films
    3 Layer POF Shrink Film, it is using in packing industries and many products packaging. Like instant noodle in cup and Bowl, or spray cans, multiple products packaging, books, etc.
  • PE Hot Shrink Films
    Hot Shrink Films- 1. Material: LLDPE / LDPE. 2. Usage: pallet packing / food packing.
  • Heat Shrink Films
    We provide all kinds of packing material, including “films”, “bags”, “sheets”. Mostly are LLDPE, LDPE, and HDPE by using single layer and three layers brown Film technology. Our products are 100% new raw materials. If you are looking for producing films by using recycle material, any additive or colorants. Please feel free to e-mail or contact us. We will be very happy to serve you.
  • Shrink PE Films
    1. We provides various plastic membrane and bag products. 2. Suitable for all kind of product packing.
  • PETG Shrink Films ( PETG Shrink Tubes )
    1. Served as the packing shrinkable Film of paper-made boxes (cases), plastic bottles, toys, hardware, vitreous bottles, steel jars. 2. PETG shrinkable Film.

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