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- The position accuracy can accord to the customer’s choice.
- Suitable for the engraving machine, modular manufacture. High-Speed Manufacture, and tiny parts manufacture.
- Adopt EUROPE Direct Drive Motor. could be machined multi face with Simple 2010.

- Pneumatic Clamping system, Adopted disk-clamping design (Taiwan PAP: 217736) to enlarge clamping force and ensure heavy-duty continuous cutting.
- The rotary axis is closing to the tilting axis center.
- The feature of wear resistant alloy dual-Lead Worm Gear is high mechanical efficiency of power transmission, high indexing accuracy, high indexing accuracy and easy adjusted on the backlash.
- Driven by the servo Motor. Efficiently in position, high accuracy, Low noise and suitable for any angels working piece.

- It can be connected with CNC machine as 5 axis (5axis or 4 1axis).
- It can be connected withsingle axis controller to connect with CNCmachine to perform tilting angle machining (4 1 axis).
- Minimum Indexing degree: 0.001°.
- Tilting range: ±110°.

Pneumatic Clamping system, Adopted disk-clamping design (Taiwan PAP: 217736)

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