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Liquid Crystal Polymer LCP

liquid crystal polymer lcp

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Detail Information

Description :

1. l Molecular chains align themselves when molded, and this generates a self-reinforcing effect, Thereby resulting in extremely high strength and elastic modulus.
2. Despite having a high elastic modulus, very much superior vibration absorbing characteristics are exhibited.
3. Linear expansion coefficient in the flow direction in particular is very small, exhibiting a value an order of magnitude less than conventional plastics and on a par with steel.
4. The thinner the product, the higher the proportion of the oriented surface layer, so greater strength and elastic modulus can ge achieved the thinner the product.

Specification :

1. Because of its microcrystalline structure, LCP possesses superior deflection temperature under load (180-26 0°), continuous usage temperature(200-24 00°C), and solder heat resistance (2600°C for over 10 s, 310 0°C for 10 s), despite its relatively low melting point.

2. Applications in LCP: connectors, sockets, LED case, Transistor package, LED(MID), Light sensor, CD pick up parts,Pump parts, Dot printer vase, Shutter plate of camera, headphone parts, inhibitor switch parts,Optical fibre connector.

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