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    GaleMed aims to supply full range of respiratory therapy products in emergency and respiratory therapy, such as Fiber Optic item. Since 1986, we focus on the development, manufacturing, production, and marketing of respiratory interface products in the field of respiratory therapy, providing all kinds of interface products for first aid, care, treatment, and training between respiratory ventilation equipment and upper respiratory tract. Now our current products cover respiratory tract management, Fiber Optic, oxygen treatment, aerosol treatment, humidifying treatment, airway management supplies, lung function training and variety of medical ventilator accessories. Our success begins with our ability to apply our innovative ideals in combination with our technology to an endless array of customer...
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    Rextron International Inc. was founded in 1998 and is now one of the leading suppliers of Fiber Optic in the world. Rextron factory is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan and maintains high quality control by qualified and skilled engineers. As a global brand, Rextron has infiltrated markets in Europe, North America, Japan and China and has secured excellent feedback from end-users and OEM/ODM dealers. With well experienced engineering team, consolidating firmware, software and mechanics, Rextron has steadily and consistently provided a unique, precise, and compatible series of Fiber Optic to cover a wide range of customer bases.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
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    Founded in 1988, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation manufacturer of nylon 6, nylon 66 filaments yarn, Fiber Optic, functional filament yarn. Certificated of ISO9001, Okeotex. Thanks to our customer make us having a good reputation in this field. And we promise that We will strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.

Standard Suppliers

  • Shenzhen JPT Electronics Co., Ltd.

    JPT Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-technology enterprise integrated with R&D,production and sales and with its own independent intellectual property rights.It is established in 2006 with registered capital USD 153 million by a group of people who have received education abroad and returned to China. It locates in Guanlan High-tech Industrial Area,Baoan District,Shenzhen City, China,with total area 3,160 square meters and has now around 500 employees. The company mainly takes R&D,production,sale and technical support of optical Laser,optical detector,optical communications instruments and optical communications passive components.Its products include High-power Fiber Laser,High-power EDFA,Super Continuum Source,Advanced Fiber Connector,Outdoor Connector,Optical Distribution Products,Integrate...
  • Fiberhome Technologies Group

    Manufacturer of mobile repeater, optical communication systems, optical fibers, cables, Fiber optical cables, photoelectronic devices. Fiberhome technologies group has as a whole passed the ISO9001/2000 quality system verifications. It has smoothly passed ISO14000 international environment management system verification.

    Profile : mobile repeater

  • Lonex Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturers of precision ceramic ferrule, including SC/FC type single mode and multi mode, APC type ceramic ferrule, sleeve for Fiber Optic passive components; module ferrule with stainless flange, Fiber stub and sleeve for transceiver module; pin gauge for precision measurement; ceramic bar for special processing. And are certificated by ISO9000 and TL-9000.

    Profile : ceramic ferrule

  • Shanghai Pubang Sensor Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Pubang Sensor Co.,Ltd is a professional company with making a wide range of sensors & detectors, such as proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor, light curtain, magnetic sensor, reed switchs, digital meter, textile sensor, etc. Now we have passed CE certificate,which have exported to all over the world and won good reputation in our customers.We will make Pubang become the best professional manufacturer sensors to contribute to Chinese automation. We have rich technique and make the product procedure ordering and organizing, and the main components all come from Japan, Germany and USA. So we make quality of product same as famous companies made, which has accurate technique and consummating test method. Our commpany set up "Shanghai Pubang Sensor' Technology Empolder Tianjin...

    Profile : photoelectric sensor

  • Shanghai Sonon Automatic System Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of electrical switches, the products involved inductive, flameproof, capacitive, magnetic switch, electric outlet, analog output, photoelectric, light switch, Fiber Optic, textile sensors, speed sensors, super a wave, connectorsystem. Moreover, the company has the attestation of ISO 9000.

    Profile : magnetic switch

  • Nenshi Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of electrical communication products involved blue tooth headset. The company has been ISO9001 registered since 1997. In addition many of our products have been approved or accredited by UL, CE and TUV as well as leading clients throughout the world. Product exported to Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.

    Profile : blue tooth headset

  • Hold Key Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd

    Found in 1989, Hold Key has rich experience of manufacturing in wire & cable field. Our main products include LAN cable, cabling system, Fiber Optic cables, multi media cable, communication cables, Fiber optical cable, rubber & pvc cable, power supply cord etc. We get an excellent reputation as all the customers made what we are today. Hold Key has fulfilled the requirement of ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certificate of the International Standard in 1996. OEM and ODM are welcome. Hold-Key always keeps it in mind and promote quality, cost, delivery and services to all our customers. We also keep forward to goal of thrive with our customers in creating an ever mutually prosperous future. Hold-Key is your best reliable choice!
  • F-NET Network Technology Group

    Manufacturer of server rack, optical Fiber, security control Fiber, cabinet tube floor, copper core communication cable. The company has passed CCC certificate.

    Profile : server rack

  • Delta Electronics, Inc.

    Established in 1971, Delta Group is the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans. As a global leader in power electronics. Our mission is- To provide innovative energy-saving products for a better quality of life. Our design process is based on Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) providing a stringent and accelerated design cycle while ensuring product quality and reliability. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, and all share common quality and measurement systems. In recent years we have developed high-density and high-efficiency telecommunication power systems, UPS ( uninterruptible power supply) with advanced interfaces, computer networking components and products with high software content, microdisplay PTVs, and many others....

    Profile : Power Management

  • Techwin( China) Industry Co., Ltd.

    Focus on optical and wireless communication related products, we could provide excellent and practical OTDR, optical time domain reflectometers, mini OTDRs, palm OTDR, fusion splicers, Fiber cleavers, laser sources, power meters, Fiber identifiers, CDMA USB modems, GPRS & EDGE & UMTS modem, CMTS, cable modem termination system, dual mode ( GSM+ CDMA) mobile phone, GSM terminals. We also provide professional technical consultation and recommend suitable solutions for your demand and requirement. Therefore, Techwin Industry is the perfect source for your communication solution.

    Profile : OTDR

  • Beijing Lixingweiye Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Beijing Lixingweiye is a experienced manufacturer of OTDR, optical time domain reflectometers, optical Fiber testers, Fiber Optic power meters, variable optical attenuators, data testers & analyzer, network testers, LAN cable tester, power testers, mobile testers, radio communication analyzer, portable laser light sources, miniature laser fault locator.

    Profile : OTDR

  • Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of OTDR, optical time domain reflectometers, optical fusion splicers, Fiber cleavers, light sources, power meters, Fiber connectors. Jilong Company developed the first automatic fusion splicer in China in 1993 and the first fusion splicer with simultaneous display of X-axis and Y-axis in China in 2000.

    Profile : OTDR

  • Chengdu Tianda Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of electronic measurement instruments, frequency meters, network analyzers, network analyzers, digital RF sweepers, spectrum analyzers, spectrum analyzers, optical Fiber fusion splicers.

    Profile : electronic measurement instruments

  • Beijing Jetcom Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of OTDR, optical time domain reflectometers, fusion splicers, power meters, attenuators, Fiber identifiers, talksets, clean tools.

    Profile : OTDR

  • Prime Optical Fiber Corporation

    Manufacturer of telecom Fiber, specialty Fiber, model converter, passive components, plastic Fiber optical, singlemode Fiber. Received ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2000.
  • Ji-Haw Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    Established in 1983, Ji-Haw has specialized in producing variety of computing cords and connectors- Fiber Optic connectors, flexible flat cables (FFC), Fiber Optic patch cords, patch cord, power cords, SCSI D-sub connector, cable assembly, wire ( wiring) harnesses, USB cable, IEEE 1394 cable, Cat 5 cables, computer PC signal cable, keyboard & mouse cables, monitor signal cable, coaxial cables, DVI & VGA cables, HDMI ( high-definition multimedia interface) cable, digital multi-media, audio & video cables, IT devices, Fiber Optic ceramic ferrules, optical adapters & patchcoed, optical Fiber attenuators, half-pitch connectors and custom-made cables. We are a total solution provider for the above-mentioned businesses, and is looking forward to serving you.
  • Beijing Gpthink Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ethernet converter, ethernet converters, netsystems, ADSL modems, isdn, embedded TTL modems, embedded RS232 modems, synchronization modems, leased line/dial-up modems, GPRS modems, rack modems, optical ethernet adapters 1000M, optical ethernet adapters 100M, CWDM, Fiber medias, voice gateways. It has passed ISO9001 certification.

    Profile : Ethernet Converters

  • Newbridge Network Communcation Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ethernet converter, ethernet converters, Fiber optical patch cord, SFP media converters, managed media converers, POE media converters, video and data optical transmitters/ receivers, PDH Fiber multiplexers, fibe modems, protocol conveters, Fiber optical transmission equipments, access equipments, data communication equipments, data terminal equipments, interface converters.

    Profile : Ethernet Converters - Ethernet Converters

  • Opto-Electro Industries Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Beijing, China Opto-Electro Industries Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated as OEC), the earliest and the largest leading optical company group in China, has made remarkable contributions to the development of China's optical industry for twenty years. OEC has controlled more than twenty Chinese large optical manufacturers and has established long-term strategic cooperation relationship with lots of partners. In addition, OEC has developed other industrial fields like Mineral Resources, Printing Industry and has enjoyed highly popularity in world market. With its innovative technologies, superior manufacturing capabilities, high quality human resources and efficient performances, OEC dedicates to providing our global clients with the premium products and first-class services...

    Profile : optical filters

  • Beijing Winner Optical Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of optical tables, linear stages, rotation stages, lab jacks, Fiber alignments, optical mirror mounts, motion controllers.

    Profile : optical table

  • Beijing Light-wave Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of data transmission, data optical Fiber transceivers, data optical Fiber multiplexers, lusrter tel transceivers, luster pcm multiplexers, video signal sransmission. The company has got the ISO9001 Certification in July 2002.

    Profile : data transmission

  • Beijing GTT Telecom Techonologies Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ethernet converters, protocol interface converters, fast ethernet Fiber optical transmission equipments, digital Fiber optical video transmission system, network video & audio servers. The products and quality management systems achieved the company ISO 9001 Quality Authentication Certificate.

    Profile : ethernet converter

  • Beijing Inmidas Technology Co., Ltd.

    We're a leading manufacturer of network access equipment for data and Fiber communications. Our wide product lines are able to span multiple applications with its excellent technology advantage. We mainly offer ethernet converters, protocol converters, multiplexers, media converters, digital video optical transceivers. Considering partners as the first tier of Inmidas’ customer supports, we provide them all-sided supports to help them explore, occupy the local markets. If you have any suggestion or needs, please do net hesitate to contact us, We would reply for you as soon as possible!

    Profile : ethernet converter

  • Chengdu Neton Optoelectronic Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2002,Chengdu Neton Opto-electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in China, specializing in research and manufacture of optical module, as well as the Fiber communication equipments. Products include: 1. Media Converters. 2. Transceiver- SFP Transceiver Module, SFP Bi-Di Transceiver Module SC/LC, 2x5 BiDi SFF Transceiver Module, CWDM Transceiver Module. 3. Photoelectric Product- InGaAs PIN PD Moduls, Laser Diode Module. Neton owns the standard factory with 1,350 square meters, and the high-quality antistatic and dust-proof plant exceed 800 square meters. It has the first class production , testing and working environments. A group of creative and enthusiastic staffs work together. We have built reliable partnership with our customers both at home...

    Profile : ethernet converters

  • Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation

    Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation was initially founded by H.S. Wu in 1967, subsequently developing into a joint venture with Toray Industries. Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation Co., Ltd. The total number of employees is currently 2,300 with more than 120,000 shareholders and NT $29.9 billion assets. The company finished construction in May 1970 and began operation immediately after. Continuous gradual expansion has led to today’s three main factories in Taiwan, boasting a total combined area of about 444,000 square meters, and producing 1300 tons of polyester products per day. Additionally, the company also commands manufacturing sites in China and Thailand. Devotion to R&D has also led SSFC to extend and expand its business operations. We now offer not only traditional Fiber goods, but...
  • Forever ( Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Forever (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd, is a well-known provider of generic cabling solutions with more than 7 years of experience in serving the Chinese market. It is also a specialized exporter and manufacturer who owns a cable factory in Shenzhen. The brand FOREVER® proudly holds qualified products and the efficient services as the lifeline. Products include RJ45 connectors, assemblies, cables, plugs, plates, telecommunication equipments, computer related products, cat.5/cat.5e/cat.6 assemblies, patch cords, patch panels, HDMI, RJ11, LAN cables, optical fibers and so on. As a specialist, we supply network cabling system products. Our main lines cover the copper system, Optic Fiber system products and accessories. The quality control process is strict, though the product range covers widely....

    Profile : RJ45 connectors

  • Ningbo Orient Group Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Fiber Optic patch cord, Fiber Optic patch cords, crosslinked cables, shipboard cables, photoelectric crosslinked submarine cables, power cables, cables used in nuclear power plant, cables used in wind power generation. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB, T28001, 3C, UL and VDE certifications.

    Profile : Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • Zhejiang Wangbao Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Fiber Optic patch cord, Fiber Optic patch cords, data cables, patch cords, face plates, keystone jacks, patch panels, cable managements, wiring blocks, modular plugs, cabinets, multimedia boxes, multimedia bars, main distribution frames, communication accessories, floor boxes, PCB mount jacks. It has passed ISO9001:2000 certifications. Products are exported to Europe, America and Asia.

    Profile : Fiber Optic Patch Cords - Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • Beijing VIYAS Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of thin clients, serial port controllers, throughput wiring boards, Optic Fiber jump wires, anti-virus software, emc storage, load balancings, magnetic tape series.

    Profile : thin clients

  • Luocheng Photoelectric Communication Equipments Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Fiber Optic patch cord, Fiber Optic patch cords, connectors, adaptors, transfer adaptors, attenuators, branching units, patch cords, splice closures.

    Profile : Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • TA YA Electric Wire & Cable

    Over 50 years of continued innovation, Ta Ya's production lines expand from basic building wiring to manufacturing 161KV XLPE insulated extremely high voltage power cables. We offer a complete range of wiring cable assembly such as telecommunication cable, optical ( Optic) Fiber cables, single & double & triple insulation layers wire, bare copper wires, power cables, magnet wires, burning & fire resistant cables, lead-free PVC wirings, PE & ERP insulated cables and enameled wire etc. As for quality assurance, Ta Ya is certified for ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality assurance systems. By providing the efforts of our business organization, we hope to build a better society and contribute to the human race.
  • Nanjing Fortis Fiber Optic Mechnicals & Electircals Engneering Process Center

    Manufacturer of carbon Fiber products, plastic Fiber Optic cables, Fiber Optic crafts, side-emitting Optic Fiber, silicon Optic Fiber.

    Profile : carbon fiber products

  • Shanghai Jason Industries Co. Ltd.

    Shanghai Jason Industries Co., Ltd. is a leading private-owned enterprise integrated of research, production & sales. We have three specialized manufacturing-type companies supplementary with several of its own research units and production bases. Its main lines of production include solar products, various kinds of daily chemical products, cosmetic packing, craft product, etc. We've got our own internationally and domestically registered brands such as “POWEREADY”, “NOX”, “TRAINBAO” and “NAP”. Ever since the founding of the company in 1998, Shanghai Jason Industries Co., Ltd. has always been holding the company motto of “Market Oriented, Scientific & Technologically based, Quality Guaranteed”. By comprehensive utilizing the merits of concerned circles, we have been taking a lead in our own...

    Profile : solar powered signs

  • Tatung Co.,

    Founded in 1918, Tatung Company is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of a vast array of digital consumer products, including LCD TVs and PDPs, network-connected devices, Fiber optical ( Optic) cables, storage-based media players and home appliances. Tatung also delivers advanced products for business computing, such as Tablet PCs, WebPAD, and blade servers. For industrial products, Tatung has been well established in the power and energy businesses. Many of our products have passed ISO 9001 series standard certification, thus ensuring that we will provide products and services to satisfy customer demands. We also specializes in the ODM/OEM business and serves branded customers on a global basis.
  • Evertop Wire Cable Corporation Ltd.

    Manufacturer of electronic & power supply cords, LAN cable, optical Fiber cable, communication cable, fire resistant & flame retardant cable, low smoke free halogen cable, power cable, indoor cable. Received by UL ISO-3001, 2000 certification in 2003.
  • Tai-I electric wire & cable co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of oily coating, bonding copper wire, optical Fiber cable, PVC cable, heat resistant cable, fire resistant cable, power cable, aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Received by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification in 2003.
  • Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of wireless communication, optical Fiber communication, optical data storage and ultra brightness grade LED chip.
  • Walsin Lihwa Corporation

    Manufacturer of wire and cables, power cables, communication cables, Fiber optics, specialty steels, stainless steel wire rods, stainless steel bars, hot rolled stainless steel bands.
  • Changzhou Lesen Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of RG6 coaxial cables, RG6 cables, integral thermoplastic parallel cables, power supply cables, microphone cables, audio & video cables, audio controlling cables, speaker cables, composed cables, telephone cables, optical Fiber cables.

    Profile : RG6 coaxial cables

  • Shanghai Baudcom Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Fiber media converters, E1/Ethernet converters, Fiber optical multiplexers, Fiber modem series. Our products has exported to more than 10 countries, such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador, Libya, Malaysia,Philipine and other countries.

    Profile : Optical Mount

  • Shanghai Light-Catcher Co., Ltd.

    Light-Catcher Co., Ltd. is a high-tech trading and technical service company that is specialized in representing established overseas photonics companies and distributing their products in China. Our current suppliers include many well-known photonics companies from the U.S, Canada ,UK and Germany. Light-Catcher carries products that cover fields such as lamps, photodiode,avanlance photodiode,laser diode, ccd & cmos ,cameras, optics, electronics... and can be widely used in research, education, product development and volume production.We are the experienced group who is the General agent of Silicon Sensor GmBH ,Laser components GmBH, WelchAllyn Lighting,FairChild imaging, EPIGAP, Laser diode concept... in China we are focusing on industrial and medical OEM market for many years. Our customers...

    Profile : Light Box Therapy

  • Shanghai HuiJue Network Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai huijue Communication Equipment Co.Ltd, located in the high-tech development park of Hangzhou, is a high-tech company that specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing data communication products. We have our own independent research and manufacture centers and also enjoys a highly qualified group of development, management and marketing specialists. Our main products include a range of optical splicing machines, interface transformers, optical Fiber transceivers and composite products, which are popularly employed by every telecommunication operator in their network connection programs for corporation-level consumers. The company has provided specialist and professional products and services for China Telecommunication, China Netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom,...

    Profile : Terminal Boxes

  • Hua Eng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

    The company's products including power cable, shipboard cable, communication cable, optical Fiber cable, copper wire, Fiber optics componets, LAN cable, fire & heat resistant cable, digital cable.
  • Space Shuttle Hi Tech Co., Ltd.

    The company's products including wire cable, AV cable, audio cable, DC power cable, DVI cable, HDMI & DVI swivel adapter, LAN cable, Fiber Optic patch cord, japan plug.
  • Advanced Connectek Inc.

    The company's products include energy battery, cable assembly, wireless antenna, optical Fiber components, external antenna, UWB rod antenna, cell phone cable. Received by ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996 certification.
  • United Fiber Optic Communication Inc.

    United Fiber Optic Communication was established on June 15, 1984, followed the founder Mr. King’s principle to make efforts together in new generation of Fiber Optic communications, UFOC was founded with great support from several existing cable and wire companies and been approved by the HsinChu Science-based Industry Park on July 25, 1986. By returning scholars and advanced technologies transferred from abroad, UFOC were striving to produce optical Fiber cables and transmission equipments. Besides, UFOC is the first qualified professional supplier of communication solutions in Taiwan. Combined with the popularity of optical networks, UFOC has put in more resources in developing and manufacturing the equipments for IP and broadband network systems. By utilizing high quality capacity of...
  • Opnet Technologies Co., Ltd.

    The company's products include optical transport, transmission interface, Network interface, digital loop carrier systems, HDSL systems, Fiber optical multiplexers, SDH multiplexers. Received by ISO9001 certified.
  • Myson Century, Inc.

    The company's products include ethernet transceiver, Fiber optics, media peripherals, digital video decoder, panel drivers. Received by ISO 9001 certification.
  • Topone Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Topone Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading data ( optical) communications company mainly providing Fiber-Optic transmission systems and network access equipments in China. Since our establishment, we have been building a high quality, high efficiency and energetic professional team. Taking talents as the core company value and innovation as the motivation force, we strive to construct an equal-opportunity, harmonious and stimulating working environment. We are established on the foundation of research, development and sales of its own leading products that the company owns intellectual property. The development goal of Topone InfoTech is to become one of the leading providers in the field of data access in Chinese communications industry. In addition, Topone InfoTech has established...

    Profile : fiber optic multiplexers

  • 3onedata Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen 3onedata Technology Co.,Ltd devote to research &development, manufacture industry communication network products, including unmanaged/managed ethernet switches, industrial media converters, serial to Optic Fiber converter, ethernet converter, RS232 isolator, RS485/422 repeater & hub, digital video optical transceivers, etc. Planning to be the international first-class industry communication expert. We provide the serial communication, serial to Ethernet and optical data industry Ethernet switch solutions with the benefit cost and high stability for our customers. Our company gathered the domestic first-class serial port correspondence, the optical communication and the network service technical expert. We cooperate with Southeast University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology,...

    Profile : fiber optic multiplexers

  • Tailyn Communication Company, Ltd.

    The company's products including Fiber Optic multiplexers, broadband access products, xDSL & wireless, integrated access devices, digital loop carriers, primary multiplexes, optical network. It has passed ISO14001, ISO 9001 certification.

    SHINER Fiber OPTICS Co. Ltd was founded in 1987 and our company first started as Telecom engineering technics. In 1993, in order to meet the government’s need (Statute for upgrading industry), SHINER Fiber decided to transform into Fiber Optic products for the lighting marketplace. In 1994, our company cooperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute (Acrylic Optical-Fiber development plan) and with the help of all the fellows from Chemical Engineering Institute, Shiner Fiber company was recommended by the Promotion Committee of Hsinchu City. After 2 years (1996), Our company became the first Optical Fiber lighting manufacturer in Taiwan. Shiner Fiber company dedicated to invent all kinds of POFLPS (Plastics Optic Fiber Light Pipes). In the year of 2011, super bright POFLPS was developed...

    OCT Technology has 20 years of experience, capability, and R&D resources to make your ODM projects a continued success! We offer ODM service that includes hardware design, software design, manufacturing, validation, and after services to fulfill customers' requirements of various applications. All services are linked together through a rigorous process and closely monitored by dedicated professionals to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability, and durability. Our dedicated Research and Development team closely follows developing global trends of the Pro A/V and KVM markets to ensure introducing the latest products for customers' requirements. We have also collaborated with well-known international firms using our integrated one-stop services to manufacture the best products...

Products Catalog

  • E Fiber Optic Patch Panels
    1. Telecommunication networks. 2. CATV networks. 3. Fiber to the home. 4. Co-location/ customer premise. 5. LAN / WAN.
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords ( Fiber Optic Connectors)
    Today's advanced optical Fiber networks demand higher optical power and data rate carrying capacities. The quality of the optical patch cord at the connection point is critical to performance. GET's patch cords guarantee excellent optical performance and a flawless end face polish to meet the current trends.
  • C Fiber Optic Attenuators
    1. Low insertion loss. 2. High return loss. 3. Wide range of attenuation value. 4. Low PDL. 5. Compact structure. 6. High resolution.
  • Fiber Optic Couplers
    1. GET's singlemode couplers are manufactured by utilizing the ultra-reliable Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) technology in compliance with our stringent quality control procedures to achieve the performance of low insertion loss, excellent environmental stability and long-term reliability. 2. GET perfectly commercializes singlemode Couplers to lead the market and efficiently customizes a variety of coupling ratios. 3. GET offers flexible packaging techniques for numerous performance levels to maximize product compatibility with specific network needs. 4. Compliant with telcordia bellcore 1221 & 1209. GET couplers are subjected to thermal cycling, then tested for insertion loss, back reflection and bandpass.
  • Fiber Optic Pigtails
    1. Jye Kuano's Fiber pigtail / patchcords and ultra reliable devices featuring. 2. low insertion loss and back reflection loss. 3. The Fiber pigtail / patchcords come with your choice of simplex of duplex cable configurations and various types of pigtailing and connector terminations to meet your requirements.
  • Fiber Optic Strippers
    Fiber Optic stripper for glass Fiber Optic with adjustment.
  • Fiber Optics Communication Products (Molding)
    We specialize in: plastic injection mould design and produce along with plastic product shot with our comprehensive CAD/CAM facilities and in-house tooling design and manufacture.
  • Dome Heat Shrinkable Seal Fiber Optic Splice Closure
    FC0008 is a elliptic dome type. Hoop is used to fix and seal FOSC cover and base, and its installation is quite simple. FC0008 is provided with 5 Fiber cable inlet/outlet ports. After being heated, heat shrinkable fixing sleeve is used to fix and seal between inlet/outlet tube and Fiber cable. The FOSC is suitable for protecting Fiber cable splices in straight-through and branching applications. It can be placed in aerial, underground, wall-mounting, handhole mounting and duct-mounting applications. Based on an advanced formula, the plastic parts are made of injection-molded, high-strength engineering plastic PC by numerical control equipment, therefore effectively prevent products from aging caused by coldness, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation. The strong housing and main components...
  • B Fiber Optic Adapters
    1. Quad panel cutouts. 2. Panel clip for easy installation. 3. Increase panel density and quick plug in installation. 4. Available in several standard colors. 5. Available without flanges or with flange for duplex, saving panel space. 6. Meet bellcore GR-326 standard.
  • Fiber Optical Cable Assemblies
    1. Low transmission loss. 2. Large information carrying capability. 3. Immunity toward EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). 4. Fiber's raw material is an abundant supply of silica. 5. Fiber doesn't cause external noise and cross-talk. 6. The diameter of Fiber is smaller and the cable running through a narrow space can carry numerous fibers. 7. Small size and low weight.

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