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    DAINA was founded in 1989 and specializes in various LED and related, such as round LED, cylindrical LED, High Power LEDs, triangular LED, oval LED, super bright LED, and etc. We also passed the standard certificate of ISO9001:2000. We refine the quality system; constantly upgrade services and quality. So all parts must be Lead-Free and RoHS compliant. The measure of DAINA's success is the strong growth in sales revenue and the global expansion in sales coverage over the past 20 years, as DAINA's super and attentive customer service continue to attract customers worldwide. DAINA will keep working to provide the best innovations and services in LED fields. We sincerely welcome your valuable suggestions and orders.

Standard Suppliers

  • Jiangmen Chen Guang Electronic Factory

    Manufacturer of top LED, top LEDs, normal type LED, superbright LED, super flux LED, High Power LED, SMD LED, infrared LED and phototransistor LED. The have been well sold to European countries, North America, South America, Southeast Asia countries, Middle east countries and some other Africa countries.

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  • Sunlight Shenzhen OPTO-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of top LED, top LEDs, superflux LEDs, High Power LEDs, low degradation LEDs, and normal LEDs bulbs and U-shaped tube. The company has obtained TUV ISO 9001:2000, CE, UL and SGS ROHS Certificate.

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  • Xiamen Guangpu Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Guangpu specialized in designing manufacturing optical and LED from 1994. Our include top LED, SMD LEDs, flux LEDs, High Power LEDs, LED guardrail lamps, IR receivers, IR sensors, linear LEDs and flexible PCBs etc. We have obtained the ISO 9001:2000-certified since 2002. All our are tested according to the SGS standards and FPC have got the UL certificate. We are your best choice! Please contact us via mail or visit our website today.

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Products Catalog

  • High Power LED Bulbs
    1. B22 base. 2. Lamp base available: HR16, MR16, JDR, E14, B22 and GU10. 3. LED quantity: 1 piece. 4. Type: High - Power LED. 5. Dimensions: (D) 47.5 x (H) 59.31mm. 6. Net weight: 50g. 7. Applications: indoor illumination and decoration.
  • High Power LEDs
    1. 7070 0.5W SMD Power LED, available in various colors. 2. Single color. 3. High luminance. 4. Low Power consumption. 5. Sutible for all SMT assemble methods.
  • High Power LEDs
    1. Hexagon red LED Power. 2. 2 to 6lm luminous intensity. 3. Forward voltage: 3.0to 3.8V. 4. Used for light and illumination.
  • High Power LED Bulbs
    1. PAR20 LED bulb. 2. LED quantity: 5 pieces. 3. Type: High- Power LED. 4. Dimensions: (D) 75 x (H) 103mm. 5. Net weight: 216g. 6. Base: E27. 7. Applications: cabinet, sitting room and bathroom illumination and decorations.
  • 1W or 3W High Power LED Bulbs
    1. Application: suitable for illumination and decoration in family, hotel, show business and so on. 2. Emitting color optional: red, yellow, green, blue, white. 3. With 1- piece High Power LED. 4. Aluminum housing and acrylic lens cover. 5. High efficiency of thermal release.
  • High Power LEDs
    Flux Features: 1. Chip material: InGaN 2. Low Power consumption. 3. High efficiency. 4. Versatile mounting on P.C. Board or panel. 5. Low current requirement. 6. This don’t contained restriction 7. Life Span: 50,000hrs 8. Packing: 1000pcs/antistatic bag 9. With ROHS Approved Application: LED tube light, decorative lamps, flashlights, headlights, electronic facilities, signal lights, displaysInner We would like to find OEM/ODM project to cooperate with your company if possible.
  • High Power LEDs
    1. 10W. 2. 10V High - Power LED 1.4A recommend forward current. 3. Chromaticity Tc: IF=1.4A 5,000 to 7,000k. 4. Used for light and illumination.
  • High Power Spot LEDs
    1. Uses trinity-SMD LED as lighting, widely. 2. Viewing.Small size and High brightness. 3. Uses aluminuim housing as light material,easily cooling. 4. Anode of surface deal with oxidation. 5. Polish, mooth and glossy surface. 6. The thickness of aluminium board is 1.0mm. 7. Heat radiating directly by the botton of channel. 8. Application case: (1) Widely applied for bureau, toproom, emporium shop, stage, showroom. (2) Pole lamp, wall wisher, building, advertisement.
  • High Power LED
    1. Hi-Power LED: good for automotive exterior and interior lighting. 2. Architectural lighting and general lighting. 3. Presently we can supplying 3W, 5w, 10w High Power. 4. The cooling crust is made of top grade aluminum alloy to dispel the heat more efficiently. 5. Special optical lens can make the beam angle reach 15-90°which is impossible for ordinary lens to achieve. 6. The 1 watt Power LED is used in this MR16 lamp coming up with more bright, longer lifetime, more energy saved.
  • High Power LEDs
    1. Hexagon red LED Power. 2. 8 to 12lm luminous intensity. 3. Forward voltage: 1.7 to 2.8V. 4. Used for light and illumination.

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