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  • Huasu Building Material Co., Ltd.

    Our company is one comprehensive enterprise. The business scope covers scientific researching, developing, manufacturing, selling of Geosynthetics, plastic and plastic machine. At present, our company owns the fixed assets of RMB80 million, and has the staff of 281, which 48 percent of it graduated from domestic high universities. We also have established long-term cooperation relations with several research institutes, universities and designing institutes. Our technical force is very abundant. The quality had been completely approved of by the domestic and overseas users. Our company is also one of the earliest members of China Geosynthetic Material Engineering Institute. We have obtained ISO9001 Certificate, and some of products have passed the test of SGI. Now our products have been exported...

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  • Chendu Xinjiuan Synthetic Geomaterial Co., Ltd.

    Chendu Xinjiuan Synthetic Geomaterial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in production of synthetic geomaterial. Now we have developed and produced new typed synthetic geomaterial: weaving, geocanvas, complex geomembrane, UX geogrid, BX geogrid, warp knitted glass fiber geogrid, geonet, geocell, three-dimensional vegetational net, water-proof rolling material, geosynthetic clay liners etc. At present, our company concentrates on developping synthetic geomaterial. our leading products have already been widely used in the building of railway, highway, water conservancy project, electric power, mine, port, refuse processing plant and so on. The synthetic geomaterial produced by us have been applied in the building field like Flexible Pavement Reinforcement, Reinforcement and...

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  • Feicheng City Santong Plastics & Fiber Products Co., Ltd.

    Our company is a professional manufacturer of ropes, twine, net and project plastic products. Our products include braided rope and twisted rope, such as diamond braided rope, solid braided rope, hollow braided rope, double braided rope, dock line, anchor line, hawser, nylon rope, PP rope, PE rope, polyester rope, cotton rope, plastic rope, hemp rope, PP splitfilm twine, braided net, hammock, plastic net, garden net, geo-grid, weaving geo-grid, geo-net, geo-clot, geo-membrane, and so on. These products can be used in a variety of purpose, such as costume, hammock, tent, climbing, ski, pet toy, boating, flag, yatch, tow, packing, sport leisure, highway, railway, airport and government construction. Up to now, our products have gotten considerable market share in Europe, North America, Middle...

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  • Jilin Liu Fang Zi Bentonite Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    The company has already gone through 26 years with its rare resources of natural sodium bentonite. The mine is located in Liufangzxi Town, Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, which was formed billions of years ago due to ash accumulation and thermal effect from crustal movement and volcano eruption, after billions of years' high temperature and high pressure effect. The mining is buried 250-300 meters underground whereas the reserves amount to 22,000,000 tons. Now our annual yield reaches 100,000 tons and the exportation has surpassed 20,000 tons, which are sold to South Korea, Japan and countries in Southeast Asia. Relying on the rare resources of natural sodium bentonite, we develop a series of products and GCL is one of them, owning peerless property advantage: swelling index reaches or excesses...

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  • Shandong Juyuan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2005, the company is a special glass fiber production base integrating scientific research and manufacture and attached to Shandong Juyuan Mining Group. The company mainly manufactures and operates glass fiber geo-grid, terylene geo-grid, new type 3-D earthwork mat, high strength earthwork net, various corrosion, high temperature and oxidation resistant fiber cloth, and 7628 electric cloth, which are mainly used in highway, railway, irrigation works, airport, circuit diagram board, copper clad laminate, and integrated circuit board of electric products, windmill generator, automobile seat, friction lining, indoor decoration of building, heat preservation of exterior wall, exterior board of hull special sports, and other sports articles fields, etc. With powerful technical strength,...

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  • Tanan Lufeng Goesyntetics Co., Ltd.

    Taian Lufeng Geosy nthetical Material co,Ltd,which situated at the foot of the world- Mt.Tai. General produce and manage geogrid, geotextile, geomat, fiberglass and plastic grid etc. The products which are mainly applied to the national water conservancy, railway, highway, construction and other project fields. The company is a comprehensive enterprise, engaged in the research, manufacture and equipment produce, Our products have been already used for Hewu-railway, The 220-highway, Liuan- highway, Jinghu-road and weiwu highway etc. Each technical data accords and even higher than GB- standard. The leading products such as plastic grid, fiberglass has been already exported to Japan, New Zealond, USA and Europe and so on. Our company makes the national market as foundation, actively enlarge the...

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  • Taian Lutong Construction Material Co., Ltd.

    Taian Lutong Construction Material Co., Ltd. located at the foot of Mount Tai, is a company w specializes in geosynthetic materials. It possesses one of the most advanced GCL product line in our country. In 2006, the total asset reaches about 10 million RMB and total acreage of the plant is more than one million square meters. GCLs (Geosythetic Clay Liners) are widely used in waste landfill and mining base seals, canal and dam liners, lakes and other waterproofing projects. Our GCLs are identified by national departments and the performances have surpassed the national standard, and are widely used in a range of environmental and containment applications, particularly when performance is critical and when penetration risks are present. Examples include landfill cappings and cutoff walls to...

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  • Taian City Taishanshen Geosynthetic Material Co., Ltd.

    Taian City Taishanshen Geosynthetic Material Co.,Ltd annual output of geosynthetic material is up to 14500MT, it becomes a large-scale geosynthetic net and stretching grille enterprise in China. A "Taishanshen" brand geosyntheric stretching grille have been up to international standard, and enjoyed a good glory in foreign and domestic geosynthetic material professor, becomes the first choice for strengthening road, highway, railway, bridge large hole, dikes and dams of river.

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  • Shandong Taishan Building Materials Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Taishan Building Materials Co., Ltd. is building materials engineering research, development, production and after-sales service in one integrated enterprises, the enterprises directly under their products including machinery, steel products and nonwoven industry. The company mainly produces construction machinery categories: cranes, loaders, geotextile materials: geogrid, nonwoven geotextile composite geomembrane, impermeable soil HDPE, EVA samples, the impervious reinforced waterproof material. Technology Center full computer-aided design, a perfect product and technology development system. Geotextile material mainly geotextile composite geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, EVA geomembrane, geogrid, Geocell and other products used primarily for water conservancy construction, highways,...

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